Special Fortnite announcement set for The Game Awards 2019

Eli Becht
Epic Games

The Game Awards take place on December 12 and during the event, there will be a special Fortnite announcement that fans of the popular battle royale won’t want to miss.

As The Game Awards continues to grow in popularity, the more the show turns into a showcase for developers and publishers looking to show off their games.

It seems like we can now officially add Epic Games into that category, as this will now be the second year in a row that a big announcement has been revealed for Fortnite.

During the 2018 event, Epic Games announced The Block and the Creative mode which allowed players to make their own points of interest that would have a chance of being featured in the game.

The Block has since been removed from the game when Chapter 2 launched, so perhaps this upcoming announcement could be a revamped version of it.

There hasn’t been anything concrete about what to expect just yet, so all we can do in the meantime is speculate. Fortnite is a game that is constantly reinventing itself, and the addition of a Creative mode has been really well-received by the community.

Whatever the announcement is, we can expect it to be something on the level of that since there will be a lot of eyes watching for something big.

Epic GamesThe Block was introduced during The Game Awards 2018.

Of course, another reason to tune in would be to see if Fortnite will be taking home any awards at the event.

Fortnite has four nominations in total and those include Best Ongoing Game, Best Esports Game, Best Esports Event, and Best Community Support. Bugha is nominated for Best Esports Player thanks to his dominating performance in the World Cup.

There are plenty of contenders in each of these categories so Fortnite fans will need to keep their fingers crossed in hopes of coming away with a win in any of them.

Even if Fortnite doesn’t bring home an award, it will still be exciting to see what the developers have in store for their ever-evolving battle royale title.

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