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Slacke’s trio wins Fortnite Ninja Battles Week 6: final placements

Published: 7/Oct/2020 4:50

by Brad Norton


The sixth and final week of Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins’s very own tournament has just wrapped up and we’ve got you covered with a full recap of the Fortnite Ninja Battles action.

What originally started back in May has finally come to an end. Ninja’s Fortnite competition was supposed to span just six weeks. However, due to various delays, the event has only just reached the finish line on October 6.


Each and every week saw the biggest names and the best players in North America going head to head for their share of $80,000. The final week was no different as everyone from Clix to Bugha showed up and competed in five consecutive matches.

It was an intense end to the action as only one trio could walk away as the final winners in Ninja’s own event. Here’s how the action unfolded in Week 6.


The final single-day tournament featured 33 trios all vying for the top spot. Players had five games to put up the most kills possible, all while reaching the latter stages of the rounds and pushing for overall wins.

Ninja himself competed this time around, though he didn’t fare all too well with his teammates Ronaldo and Paper. Together they finished in the 27th spot as veteran competitors and former winners shot well ahead of their final score.

Only the Top 12 made it into the money at the end of the day. Many of the biggest names from benjyfishy to previous winner Arkhram couldn’t quite make the cut this time.


A number of up and coming pros made a name for themselves while a few familiar faces helped lead the charge. Ultimately, it was the trio of Acorn, Jahq, and Slackes that took out a commanding win in Week 6.

They didn’t just finish in the top spot, they did it convincingly with an 18 point lead over second. The top 20 for the final week of action can be found below.

Ninja Battles Week 6 – Final Placements

Placement Team Prize (USD)
 1st Acorn, Jahq, Slackes  $25,000
 2nd Bugha, Jamper, Avery  $15,000
 3rd Clix, Illest, Bizzle  $10,000
 4th Commandment, Cented, Edgey  $8,000
 5th Av, RogueShark, Knight  $5,000
 6th Unkown, casqer, smqcked  $5,000
 7th Bucke, Kreo, Khanada  $3,000
8th Reverse2k, Deyy, Mero  $3,000
 9th ASspect, npen, Xoonies  $2,000
10th Degen, Ajerss, Animal $2,000
11th Vivid, DeRoller, Co1azo $1,000
12th Riversan, Dubs, Megga $1,000
13th EmadGG, HazThaGreat
14th Zayt, Stretch, Saf
15th Scoped, HighSky, Tuexy
16th Nate Hill, Funk, Sticks
17th Eclipsae, Klass, Crimz
18th skqttles, nosh, Zyfa
19th Coop, Chap, Furious
20th MrSavage, benjyfishy, LeTsHe

There’s no telling if a second wave of Ninja Battles may ever take place. Though Ninja was proud of how the competition came across overall. “The Entire Ninja Battles Process has been such a wonderful ride and an amazing learning experience,” he said.


This wasn’t the only major tourney to take place over the past week. If you missed out on the Chipotle Challenge, be sure to catch up with our full recap.


Secret Overwatch Contenders Skins leak again in Halloween patch

Published: 14/Oct/2020 1:24 Updated: 14/Oct/2020 6:06

by Brad Norton


Blizzard appears ready to support the Tier 2 Overwatch scene in all-new ways as leaked Contenders Skins have slipped through the cracks in the latest Halloween Terror update.

As Contenders competition comes to a close in 2020, it seems as though Blizzard is gearing up to promote the amateur scene like never before. You might soon be able to don the same colors as those battling through the T2 side of Overwatch.


Fans of high-level competition are able to buy their favorite Overwatch League Skins in the store. This supports each individual team and helps showcase the esport in-game. Beyond this, however, there hasn’t been a way to promote Contenders whatsoever.

Having kicked off in 2017, the T2 community has been anxiously awaiting any form of in-game support. After a series of leaks in April, that support might finally be on the horizon, after Overwatch players found new skins already live.


The 2020 Halloween Terror event crash-landed on October 13. With it came all-new Junkenstein’s Revenge challenges, fresh cosmetics, and of course, a new balance update. However, a new leaked revealed more that lied beneath the surface in this patch.

“Contenders Skins are also on live patch,” Canadian Contenders player iCy revealed on the same day. Sigma was shown with his green and black outfit only ever available to players in official T2 matches.

While Contenders games have been played online for the better part of 2020, each team still loads in with a Home and Away style cosmetic. The former is black and green Skins while the latter is white and green.


Blizzard also announced on October 13 that a Contenders Icon will soon be available too. A full announcement is forthcoming on Thursday, October 15 at 9 AM PT.

Both could soon be usable by players around the globe as they have once again, popped up in-game. Of note, however, there’s currently no price attached in the store. Overwatch League Skins are purchased with OWL Tokens. Perhaps the same will be true for Contenders Skins once they go live. Though for now, there’s no way to tell how we’ll unlock them.

Australian Contenders was the first to wrap up in 2020. Every other region is still yet to have dates locked in for the final rounds of action, however. North and South America, Europe, China, and Korea still have competition left this calendar year.