Ronaldo’s Trio wins Chipotle Fortnite Challenge: final placements

Brad Norton

The star-studded Chipotle Challenger Series made its return in spectacular fashion as some of the world’s most popular streamers went head to head against veteran Fortnite professionals on October 1.

While the last iteration of the Chipotle Challenger Series focused on frenetic Warzone action, the competition pivoted to Fortnite for this latest installment. The last competition took place on July 16 and many of the top content creators had been raring to go again ever since.

Teams had a handful of rounds to put up the most points possible. $50,000 and a year’s worth of free Chipotle burritos were on the line, so the stakes were high for the eventual winners: Ronaldo, Furious and Illest.

On top of over a dozen streamers dropping into the battlefield, hundreds of Trios also joined in via the open qualifiers;. If you missed out on any of the action, fear not; we’ve got you covered with a full rundown of how the event panned out.

Chipotle Fortnite Challenge final placements

33 teams in total made it through to the October 1 grand finals. Many consisted of marquee streamers like CouRageJD and Myth, though plenty of teams were filled out by Fortnite pros and players that had earned a spot through the aforementioned qualifiers.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the top team at the end of the event was stacked with three proven competitors. Furious, Ronaldo, and illest all have multiple tournament wins to their names, and now they’ve added another thanks to their efforts here.

Chipotle Challenger Series event
A look at the top three Trios at the end of the Chipotle Challenger Series event.

Together the Trio blitzed through to first place with three extremely high scoring games out of their five in the grand finals. 77 points pushed them just ahead of the second-best team on the day to take out the lion’s share of the $50,000 prize.

Below is a full rundown on how every team performed throughout the latest Chipotle Challenger Series event.

Place Team Points in Finals Prize Money
1st Ronaldo, Furious, & Illest 77 $30,000
2nd Cented, Edgey, & Commandment 74 $15,000
3rd Epikreet, Dfavs, & Wavy 67 $5,000
4th Riversan, Megga, & Dubbs 62
5th Mr Savage, Ceice, & Bizzle 61
6th Clix, Nosh, & Bizzle 48
7th Arkhram, Rehx, & Falconer 47
8th Bucke, Permreo, & Demonada 42
9th Heart, Dxrant, & Takened 35
10th Aydan, Av, & Rogueshark 34
11th Mongraal, Mitro, & Avery 34
12th Sixtyrf, Cash, & Revised 33
13th Temple P, Tay-K, & Little 33
14th Ewok, Pump, & Bully 31
15th Slackes, Acorn, & Jahqfishy 29
16th Nate Hill, Sticks, & Funk 27
17th Bugha, Nuttyfig010, & Jamper 23
18th Zayt, Stretch, & Saf 21
19th Reverse2K, Deyy, & Coop 20
20th Optimal, Golden & Ipod 18
21st Myth, Emadgg, & Mikey 14
22nd Nedak, Lucaisbad, & Alexx 14
23rd Feared, Cyrzr, & Dylannx 14
24th Sharkman, Diddy, & Dankline 12
25th Vert, Caleb, & Bumboy 10
26th CourageJD, Fresh, & Luneze 8
27th Nick Eh 30, Replays, & Punisher 7
28th Duo, Ken, & Kenshii 5
29th Agholor, Paul1x, & Dimer 3
30th Josh Hart, Clipz, & Rhett 2
31st Dakotaz, Hippiehabitat, & Avxry 0
32nd DJ_Deacon, Obilikesskittles, & thecoleanthony 0
33rd TrizzyT03, EagleMax, & Jayp 0

Chipotle Fortnite Challenge format

A rundown on the structure of the latest Chipotle Challenger Series event.

To kick things off, there were four qualifiers that teams had to fight in to secure a place in the finale. As with most other battle royale competitions, a point system was in effect throughout these qualifying rounds. Over the course of three hours, teams battled it out while tallying as many kills as possible.

The final round of action was up next as the top four teams from each qualifying round made it through. Joining them were 17 invited teams of popular content creators and pros. This finale featured five back to back games with only the three most successful Trios placing in the money.

  • 1st: $30,000 (and a year of free burritos)
  • 2nd: $15,000 (and a year of free burritos)
  • 3rd: $5,000 (and a year of free burritos)

We’ve now seen three unique Chipotle Challenger Series events throughout 2020. Be sure to catch up on the first two competitions using our dedicated hub.

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