Shopping Carts Temporarily Disabled in Fortnite Battle Royale Due To A Bug

Calum Patterson

Fortnite developer Epic Games announced that the shopping carts in the battle royale mode will be temporarily disabled again due to a bug.

The shopping carts were a much anticipated item, and took the game by storm when they were finally released, with players coming up with new inventive ways to use the first form of vehicle in the game.

They allow two players to travel on them at once, with one player pushing and another sitting atop the cart itself.

And due to some wonky physics, it was possible to use the carts to propel yourself high into the air with some particular builds and movement.

It was unclear at first if these uses of the cart were intentional or not, but it looks like Epic Games has identified an issue serious enough to warrant removing them completely, at least temporarily.

On June 16th, the official Fortnite Twitter released little information, but simply stated that they would be disabling the carts, effective immediately.

The issue is likely related to reports that players have been getting underneath the play area of the map using the carts, which is what Epic will likely be working hard to fix.

One of the most infamous use of the cart was actually to reach the spawn island while in a match, which a number of players managed to do by building large bridges with materials and then using the cart to launch across the water area.

There is no time frame given for when the Shopping Carts will be added back to the game, but previous bug fixes rarely take longer than around 24 hours.

The cart was previously disabled on June 11th, but quickly returned.

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