Secret Fortnite Season 2 map changes hint at upcoming Midas event

Matt Porter. Last updated: Apr 14, 2020
Epic Games

Fortnite is constantly evolving, and some eagle-eyed players have spotted some secret map changes that could provide some major hints about this season’s final in-game event involving one of the Battle Pass’ main characters.

Fortnite Season 2 is rapidly drawing to its conclusion, with just two weeks left in the Battle Pass for challenges. As always though, it is likely that Epic Games will add a few extra weeks to allow players to rank up and earn any last-minute skins, usually rounding things out with Overtime challenges.

Avid Fortnite fans will know that the season always ends with a major event though, and with Season 2 following the story of a team of spies who have taken residency at new location The Agency, it seems that one of the group’s most recognizable characters could have a fairly major part to play in the final chapter of Season 2 before things draw to a close.

Epic Games
Midas is instantly recognizable thanks to his golden touch.

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Midas is a legendary skin who comes with a special skill. Anything the character touches turns to gold, so any weapons you pick up while wearing the skin turn to gold, and remain that way even when you drop them for others to use, a reference to the Greek myth of King Midas who could do the same thing.

Of course, that means that his chair at The Agency’s meeting table was different from the rest, as it was golden unlike the others, but an eagle-eyed Fortnite fan has noticed that the chair no longer sits in the massive building, and instead now sits inside the large blue house at Salty Springs.

While many surmised that he likely moved it there himself, there’s another map change that casts doubt on this theory, as a Ghost faction poster can be found sitting outside beside a trash can, something Midas is unlikely to have done himself as one of the group’s main characters. Whether this means someone has stolen his chair and moved it there themselves, or if Midas is switching allegiances, remains to be seen, but with other map changes taking place at Crash Site and Pleasant Park, it’s clear that something is going on.

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It’s likely that we will see these map changes continue over the next few weeks, and we may even get some more hints about what is happening on the Fortnite island.

When this event will kick off remains to be seen, but fans are already starting to look forward to the end of the season and what it may bring.