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Release date and time for v6.30 content update in Fortnite – what to expect

Published: 19/Nov/2018 21:28

by Albert Petrosyan


Epic Games have announced the release date and time for the v6.30 content update in Fortnite.

The update is set to go live on November 20 at 5 AM PT / 8 AM ET / 4 PM GMT and will likely not require any downtime, which has been the case for all content update in the past. 

Unlike regular game updates, content updates do not require any downtime because they only manage new and existing content in the game, and do not include any major adjustments or changes to core mechanics or gameplay. 

The announcement for this latest content update, which is the first of its kind to be released since the start of Season 6, was made on November 19 via a post on the official Fortnite Twitter page. 


Since the patch notes for this content update will not be released until it goes live, there is no way to know what content will exactly be added into the game.

One new addition that has been confirmed is the all-new Dynamite item, which appeared in the pre-lobby Message of the Day announcement screen on November 19.

“Light the fuse and wait for the boom!” reads the in-game description of the new item.

Along with the Dynamite, another addition expected to be made in the v6.30 content update is the new Wild West Limited Time Mode.

Although the arrival of the new LTM has not been officially announced, the wording used in the tweet seems to give it away, in addition to the fact that details about the mode were found and leaked by data miners last week


According to early reports, the Dynamite item was expected to come as part of the Wild West LTM, although that now seems unlikely given the way the new item was announced for the battle royale in general. 

Aside from the two things listed above, players can also expect the new update to add some new cosmetic items and possible map changes. If there are any cosmetics added, data miners will likely find and leak them within hours of the update going live.

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