Recap, Highlights, and Final Placements of the Fortnite ‘Summer Skirmish’ $500K Week 7 Tournament (Day One)

Day One of the Fortnite ‘Summer Skirmish’ $500K Week 7 Duos tournament has all wrapped up for both the European and North American regions.

After both regions played five games each, the NA tournament was won by FaZe’s ‘Thiefs’ and Team Liquid pro player ‘Chap,’ with EU players ‘Lefoubruiteur’ and ‘Skiiiite’ winning their region’s tournament. Both teams took home $40,000 for getting first place in their respective regions.

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Before reading the rest of the recap, make sure to brush up on the scoring format for this week’s competition:

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Each game, Duos will be ranked based on the points earned in a single game. Victory Royales and Eliminations earn players points that will be scored at the end of each match. The Duo with the most points at the end of the series wins.

Elimination: +1 Point
Victory Royale: +5 Points
8+ Eliminations: +5 Points

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NA Recap

Thiefs and Chap put in a dominant performance from start to finish, holding a wire-to-wire lead atop the standings and finishing with a very impressive 51 points.

Perhaps the most impressive thing about their tournament victory was that they did it without winning a single match, meaning their points were all from eliminations.

Coming in second place with 49 points were the Week 6 NA champions ‘Nate Hill’ and ‘FunkBomb,’ who secured another $30,000 in prizes, despite also not winning any of the five matches.

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The duo of ‘Symfuhny’ and ‘NRG Zayt’ rounded off the top three with their own 35 points, good enough for $20,000.

However, 20 of their 35 points came in the fifth and final match, in which the pair put in a monstrous performance to gain the maximum points possible in a single match and secure their placement.

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Although they finished ninth, ‘Timthetatman’ and Team Liquid pro player ‘Poach’ deserve an honorable mention as they managed to win two of the five matches, including this epic finale in Game 1.

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NA Top 20 Final Placements (Day One)

Individual NA Match Results

EU Recap

The duo of Lefoubruiteur and Skiiiite took first place with their strong, 30 point performance, five of which came after they secured a Victory Royale in Game 3.

Skiiiite was crucial in getting that victory, as he went big down the stretch and in the final gunfight.

Coming in second place with 25 points and $30,000 were ‘Solary Kinstaar’ and ‘Lunary Jbzzed’, the champions of the Summer Skirmish event the previous week.

Just as with the winners, this pair also took advantage of the five point bonus, getting it after their Victory Royale in Game 4.

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Coming in third place, despite not winning any of the five matches, were ‘Teekzie’ and ‘Lunary Xewer,’ who also managed to get 25 points matches but won only $20,000 since they did not own the tiebreaker.

EU Top 10 Final Placements (Day One)

Individual EU Match Results

The full Day One standings for both the NA and EU regions can be viewed by clicking the link below:

Summer Skirmish Week 7 Tournament Live Standings

The Fortnite Summer Skirmish is an 8-week series of competitions where Epic Games will be awarding a total of $8 million in prize money. The competition features a variety of content creators, popular pro players, and top performers from previous in-game events. 

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While most of the players that played on the 24th will also be playing on the 25th, it is not yet clear whether the Day One standings will carry over to Day Two.

For the list of Friday’s participants, along with more details about the format, ruleset, and prize pool breakdow, visit our dedicated hub below:

Fortnite Summer Skirmish $500K Week 7 Tournament (Days One and Two) ft. Ninja, Myth, CouRage, and More

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