Professional Fortnite player Bogdan died while attending the TwitchCon Fall Skirmish finals

bogdanakh / Instagram | G2RazZzero0o / Twitter

Professional Fortnite player Bogdan, 21, died while attending the Fall Skirmish finals, according to a statement from his teammate at the TwitchCon tournament, Dominik ‘RazZzero0o’ Beckmann.

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According to RazZzero0o’s post on TwitLonger, the Swedish Fortnite star had gone to bed after the conclusion of the Skirmish with plans to explore San Jose, California the next day, but passed away overnight.

“When I woke up next day and tried to move his arm because it was on my side of the bed I noticed that he was already gone,” explained Beckmann. “I only got to know him for such a short amount of time and he already secured himself a big place in my heart. I will never forget about you Bogdan.”

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RazZzero0o, a player for G2 Esports, also explains that he did not originally report the news out of respect for Bogdan’s family and friends, stating that they deserved to hear it in person and not over the internet.

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Bogdan was clearly a popular figure in the European Fortnite community. Fellow Swede, Rasmus ‘Rasmusenn’ Wiklundh, described him as one of the most hard-working players in the scene with a big heart.

“You always wished me luck before every tournament I played,” said the Method player on Twitter. “Mad respect for you, you will always have a gigantic place in my heart, all my thoughts and prayers goes to his family and friends.”

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The sad news comes just one week after Bogdan Akh and RazZzero0o secured an 18th place finish and $10,000 at the TwitchCon tournament in San Jose, California.

According to RazZzero0o, he and Bogdan went through a great deal of stress ahead of the Fall Skirmish finals, practicing every day for over two months and travelling to the US for the first time, but qualifying for the final of the event made it “literally the best trip ever.”

A petition has been started by Kevin Sundqvist in an attempt to get a ‘Back To Lobby’ emote added to Fortnite. According to the petition, this was a phrase that Bogdan used regularly after eliminating an opponent in-game.

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Our thoughts are with Bogdan’s friends and family at this difficult time.