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Pro Fortnite player discusses ways to improve Glider Re-deploy system

Published: 5/Nov/2018 23:38 Updated: 5/Nov/2018 23:52

by Wyatt Donigan


While Epic Games has already made changes to the Glider Re-deploy system in Fortnite, some pro players still aren’t satisfied with how the mechanic functions in-game.

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The system was first introduced with the V6.20 update and allows players to use their gliders when jumping from at least three stories high.

Despite the fact that Epic says they have seen positive results with the new mechanic, pro players are continuously coming up with ways that the system can be changed.

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The newest suggestion comes from Counter Logic Gaming pro Nick ‘Marksman’ Overton, who posted four different “compromises” that can be implemented into the game.


Before jumping into the list, Marksman acknowledges that the game “can’t be balanced solely around competitive,” which is why he has devised these compromises that could help bridge the gap between casual and competitive.

1) Limited amount of Redeploys, maybe 1-3 per match. Try to lessen the running and landing on in pubs while also still having the advantage of alleviating circle RNG in competitive.

2) Redeploy only works outside safe zone. This would result in more running and people landing on you than the first option, but lessen it overall and again still keeps the benefit of redeploy for rotations.

3) Redeploy is removed, but it does work off of balloons. This means you can gain the advantage of more redeploys while using balloons, but you have to give up a slot for it. Balloons are also a bit riskier to redeploy from since you float up slowly.

4) Reward redeploys for kills. You start a match with 1 redeploy, but you can gain additional redeploys for every 2 kills you get. Those numbers could be tinkered with, but it rewards aggression and still gives 1 redeploy to help with the first circle RNG.

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Interestingly enough, only in one of his options does Marksman suggest removing the Re-deploy system altogether, which is in stark contrast to much of the community that wants to simply take it out completely.

Moreover, Marksman’s fourth option actually works to try and solve another issue that many have with competitive Fortnite, namely that “people just hide in boxes” in the competitive scene.


Making it so that players would need to pick up multiple kills in order to gain extra Re-deploys would encourage players to be far more aggressive since the mechanic is crucial to rotations and repositioning during fights right now.

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Whether or not Epic takes Marksman up on his ideas is anyone’s guess, but given that they’ve confirmed they are actively monitoring constructive feedback, it’s possible that we might see this sort of change come to Fortnite in the near future.