xQc tells fans what he thinks of the Fortnitemares in-game event

Bill Cooney

The dramatic in game ending to Fortnite’s ‘Fortnitemares’ event has a ton of people talking, including streamer Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel, who told his fans he thought the ending was pretty awesome.

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“Now, let me stop this for a minute,” the streamer tells fans as he pauses the video of the ending event. “I’m seeing a lot of sleepers and hahas and POGs and whatever sort of upset about this dude.”

“Dude, this is actually pretty crazy man, the devs of the game care enough to make an event that only lasts one time that takes a lot of time to do and create and shit,” xQc explained to viewers.

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“You fucking with the game you played cared enough to do crazy shit like that, you wish they cared enough to make good balance changes and make new content and exciting shit,” the streamer ranted.

“You fucking wish they cared enough, but they fucking don’t,” xQc continued. “And it sucks, this dogshit fucking retard game keeps getting all the attention, and it sucks that it’s that game that gets all of it, but it’s fucking POG when you think about it, even if it’s bad.”

The ending to the Fortnitemares event took players into a real-time cinematic during the game and changed the map right there too.

“If any big game cared enough to do shit like that in their big game it would be 20 times more POG,” xQc ended as saying. “But they fucking don’t, they don’t care and it fucking sucks.”