Pro claims Fortnite’s current state makes it “harder to keep the drive” - Dexerto

Pro claims Fortnite’s current state makes it “harder to keep the drive”

Published: 17/Dec/2018 5:27 Updated: 17/Dec/2018 5:28

by Vincent Genova


Fortnite has come under fire from its competitive community for an increasing number of frustrating balance decisions, new mechanics and buggy gameplay.

Svennoss, a professional player for NRG Esports, claims the amount of bugs in the current state of Fortnite is making it harder to play at a competitive level.

He pointed to the randomness of shotgun fire, as well as a glitch that messes with the ADS of the weapon. The new planes are a source of complaints too, with Svennoss saying the plane can glitch into an uncontrollable state.

The bugs have taken a frustrating toll on Svennoss’ desire to grind the game for the amount of time required to be a Fortnite pro.


“[It’s} getting harder and harder to even keep the drive to play [Fortnite] for so many hours a day when you die to multiple [glitches] a day,” said the pro.

Svennoss is not the only one unhappy with the amount of bugs and glitches. They are so numerous and prevalent in Fortnite Season 7, Dexerto had to put a Fortnite Glitch guide together to keep track of them all!

The Stormwing plane had more problems than just bugs, it was also incredibly unbalanced at launch. Epic increased the amount of damage taken in a crash from 0 to 25, but now another change is on the way for the Stormwing.