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Fortnite: Another major change coming to the new X-4 Stormwing plane

Published: 16/Dec/2018 19:49

by Albert Petrosyan


Epic Games are planning on implementing another major change to the new X-4 Stormwing planes in Fortnite: Battle Royale. 

According to Epic Community Coordinator Sean Hamilton, more commonly known as ‘MrPopoTFS,’ the amount of damage inflicted upon players riding in the Stormwing when it explodes will be increased

The damage currently sits at 25 health/shield points but will be doubled to be at 50, and this change will take place when the upcoming v7.10 update goes live in Fortnite.

This news was first revealed when MrPopoTFS responded to someone in the community on Twitter who was asking Epic to increase the damage to 50 points, to which the coordinator responded by saying that it would be changed to 35.


However, upon further clarification, it turns out that Epic will, in fact, be increasing it to 50 after all, as the the coordinator followed up his previous tweet with an update. 

This is the second major change that will take place involving the X-4 Stormwing, as the current 25 damage profile for explosions was added a week after the plane made its first appearance in the game.

However, that did not do much to quell all of the complaints from many within the player-base who feel that the Stormwing is currently the most unbalanced thing in Fortnite, now that the controversial Infinity Blade sword item has been vaulted. 


Now, with the damage increased to 50 points, the plane should and likely will be a lot more balanced, although we’ll have to wait and see if it’s enough to satisfy the disgruntled players.

Although the exact date for when this change will go through is not yet known, it’s likely to happen either on December 18 or 19, which are the days of the week that the weekly game updates for Fortnite get released. 

In addition to the increase in damage for the Stormwing, MrPopoTFS has revealed that some fixes and changes will also be rolled out for new Zipline, another recent addition that has struck up controversy.