Ninja teaches Jimmy Fallon the Pon Pon Dance, explains why Fortnite is so successful

The Tonight Show

Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins made a guest appearance on The Tonight Show where he discussed his own success, the popularity of Fortnite and even got Jimmy Fallon to break out the Pon Pon dance. 

The successful Twitch streamer, who currently has the top Twitch channel on the entire platform with over 12.5 million followers, discussed a number of things with the famous TV show host. 

Before the pair got up and danced in front of the audience, though, Fallon addressed Ninja’s success in building a huge following on Twitch, but wanted to know more about how Fortnite had become such a big thing. 

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Ninja explained that the reasons behind the popularity of the battle royale game are much more simpler than some might think. 

Eric Ananmalay/ESPAT MediaNinja is the face of Fortnite on Twitch.
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He said: “Back in the day, I had to do so many chores just to get my mom to get me a video game, because they were pretty expensive. 30 dollars, 40 dollars, and three years later, fifty dollars and now they’re like fifty bucks a pop.

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“A lot of families usually have one console, and it’s [Fortnite] also on every single platform imaginable. Everyone can play with each other – Xbox, Playstation, PC – it doesn’t matter where you are. You can all play with your friends so it connects people around the world, it’s free to play and it’s super fun.”

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Fallon also quizzed Ninja on the question of kids becoming addicted to the game. In his answer, Blevins simply suggested that if parents are concerned about their children’s performance in school because of playing too many video games, they should take the game away from them.  

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To wrap things up, Ninja decided to teach Jimmy Fallon his famous Pon Pon dance to seal an interesting late-night television appearance from the mega-popular streamer. 

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