Ninja takes shot at Tfue after eliminating him from Fortnite Arena game

Connor Bennett

Turner ‘Fortnite Battle Royale, with Ninja finally getting the better of the meeting – before taking some hilarious shots at the popular pro player.

Tfue and Ninja have a long-standing history of taking each other on in Fortnite Battle Royale games with the former Halo player once accusing Tfue of hacking after the FaZe Clan player was able to kill him off.

They added another chapter to their personal history books before taking part in the most recent session of Fortnite World Cup qualifying, with Ninja getting in some spicy shots after getting the better of the FaZe pro.  

Instagram / TfueTfue and his partner Cloak are yet to succeed in World Cup qualifying.

Ninja takes down Tfue

The popular Fortnite Battle Royale streamers, unsuspectingly, run into each other at Loot Lake – with Tfue engaged in battle with another team. However, he lost his duo partner Cloak to a falling elimination and was jumped on by another player before he had time to change up his approach.

However, it was Ninja who dived on him with his trusty Shotgun and eliminated Tfue from their final World Cup qualifying warm-up game as the FaZe Clan pro tried to edit his building around the popular streamer in a bid to escape.

While Ninja was zeroed in and solely focused on the game, his duo partner for the game, Malachi ‘Reverse2k’ Greiner, took a quick moment to celebrate. “Wooh, that was Tfue – let’s go Ninj!” he pointed out.

After coming to the realization that it was the popular FaZe Clan star who he took down, Ninja afforded himself a brief few seconds to take shots at one of their previous in-game meetings.

While building towards his next opponent, the streamer called out: “I gotta put that on my YouTube title and make it my thumbnail of me knocking him out – like he did to me last time.” However, his brief celebration turned to anguish as Ninja was quickly eliminated by another foe who beat him to their build battle.

Yet, he was still able to revel in the fact that he had ruined an important game for Tfue and scored some high-class YouTube content in the meantime. 

Tfue reacts to Ninja’s kill

On the flip side, Tfue didn’t even realize that it was Ninja who had killed him until later on when one of his viewers informed of the fact.

Instead of sticking around and seeing how the game unfolded, he and his partner Dennis ‘Cloak’ Lepore quickly moved out of the match and headed back to the pre-game lobby, waiting for the qualifying session to get underway. 

Did Ninja or Tfue qualify for the World Cup?

Neither Ninja or Tfue were successful in their bid to qualify for the duos portion of the World Cup this time around.

Despite that, Tfue has already secured a solo spot for himself and celebrated with a few drinks on stream. However, it seemed he took his celebrations just that step too far as his girlfriend, Corinna Kopf, called time on things and shut his stream down.

For Ninja, it’s back to the drawing board as he, once again, tries to qualify for the biggest esports tournament in history. While he may have gotten some sliver of revenge over Tfue with a kill, and a new highlight video, the FaZe Clan pro can still hold his qualifying spot over Ninja in their ‘rivalry.’

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