Ninja left speechless after being stream-sniped during a Fortnite World Cup Qualifier

Alan Bernal

Popular Twitch streamer Tyler ‘Fortnite World Cup qualifying match by an apparent stream-sniper.

Even with numerous tools at their disposal, Fortnite streamers are repeatedly at the mercy of stream-snipers who sometimes go to incredible lengths to face-off against notable players.

In one of his last qualifiers of the day, Ninja had landed at Lazy Lagoon thinking he was alone but quickly noticed that the point of interest had become a hotbed.

Epic GamesFortnite stream-snipers have been pestering popular Twitch broadcasters for a long time.

Promising game cut short

Ninja knew that he needed a big game in the final game in order to reach a higher point threshold and increase his chances at qualifying for the finals.

“I need what, like a 20 point game,” Ninja wondered. “So I need eight kills and a win. Well, I mean, I’ve done it before and I have the kit right now so I’m not going to ruin it.”

Being alone at the pirate ship allowed Ninja to obtain the loot necessary to get a good game going but a suspicious player looking to third-party the popular streamer stopped his run in its tracks.

Suspicious stream-sniper

Ninja was in a heated build battle with another player he had engaged just before being third-partied. The streamer was trying to get some distance between him and the other player who had captured the high-ground.

Then, before he knew it, someone had used a Rift-a-go to swoop down on him and eliminate him.

Even for amateur players, it would make sense to use a Rift to get the best possible position when trying to third-party. But taking a risky strategy like that in a lobby filled with some of the more adept Fortnite players seemed to confuse Ninja.

“Any particular reason…” Ninja cut off thinking why this player in question would show up at the opportune moment. “No idea where this guy comes from by the way, at all. But here he is, that’s his second Rift that he’s taken. Gets the airdrop, Rifts, dives on the fight… Ugh, that’s unfortunate.”

The lead-up and the eventual elimination left a lot of questions unanswered, but the incident won’t stop Ninja from trying to make a deep run in this year’s Fortnite World Cup.