Top 20 highest earning Fortnite pro players of all time

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Fortnite Battle Royale might be a newcomer to the world of esports, but that hasn’t stopped Epic Games from offering some absolutely massive prize pools for the game’s competitive events. Let’s take a look at the top 20 highest earning pro players to-date. 

If there was one game you’d want to be the best in 2020, Fortnite would be up there. While Epic’s esports ventures have been widely criticized in the past, it’s undeniable how much money is in the game.

A pledge of $100 million in 2020 got pro players salivating. The Fortnite World Cup in 2019 alone was worth $30 million. This led to a drastic shake-up in the earnings list, where pros who won thousands before the World Cup were shuffled down the list in favor of those who peaked in July 2019.

Epic GamesBugha was launched to the top of the list with his victory in the World Cup Solos tournament.

This was most noticeable with former highest earner Timothy ‘Bizzle’ Miller. The American dropped from first to 16th over the course of a weekend, and now currently sits in 18th with just shy of $600,000 of prize money.

On that fateful weekend, players turned into instant millionaires. There’s now a dozen Fortnite players with earnings over $1 million, most of whom got their prize purse from the World Cup in 2019.

Solos winner Kyle ‘Bugha’ Giersdorf was the main beneficiary from the $30 million prize pool. The then-16-year-old picked up $3 million for winning solos, pumping up his numbers to $3,071,383. Duos winners Aqua and Nyhrox sit in second and fourth respectively, each with over $1.5 million.

The player splitting the duo is solos runner-up Harrison ‘psalm’ Chang. He earned almost $1.9 million in Fortnite before making the switch to Valorant in mid-2020. He is currently playing on the Homeless roster, but is yet to find a permanent team in Riot’s hit FPS title.

Epic GamesCooler Esport’s Aquav2 and Nhyrox claimed the World Cup Duos title.

Since the World Cup in 2019, there’s been plenty of play for online. Between Daily Cups, FNCS Seasons, and Invitationals, millions of dollars have been handed out to the best Fortnite players globally.

However, until the Fortnite World Cup rocks up again, it’s unlikely we will see any of these pros dislodged from their top spots. The event has been canceled for 2020, but come 2021, there’s bound to be thousands of hungry stars looking to eat up the same success as their predecessors.

Thanks to the tracking of esportsEarnings, we can see which players have pocketed the most cash from their performances at tournaments, so far.

Top 20 highest earning Fortnite pros as of March, 2021

Position Name Nationality Earnings
1st Bugha USA $3,141,395.05
2nd Aqua Austria $1,924,974.23
3rd psalm USA $1,873,138.80
4th Nyhrox Norway $1,536,845.69
5th EpikWhale USA $1,349,767.32
6th Wolfiez UK $1,331,128.07
7th Rojo Netherlands $1,213,576.66
8th Kreo Hong Kong $1,200,043.07
9th Zayt Canada $1,186,189.75
10th Saf USA $1,126,345.35
11th Ceice USA $1,109,880.47
12th kinG Argentina $1,021,000.00
13th Elevate Canada $991,583.20
14th Skite France $850,264.02
15th Mitr0 Netherlands $775,874.81
16th Crue Sweden $715,150.00
17th Mongraal UK $673,354.23
18th Bizzle USA $615,626.39
19th Arkhram USA $608,416.68
20th Tfue USA $594,850.00

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