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Ninja explains why Fortnite’s explosive buff wasn’t all bad

Published: 2/Nov/2018 15:04 Updated: 2/Nov/2018 15:05

by Ross Deason


Epic Games’ decision to revert the changes made to explosives in Fortnite Battle Royale might be one of the most popular that they’ve ever made, but some players saw an upside to the buff.

The update to explosives allowed 25% of explosive damage to ‘penetrate through structures and the environment’ and it received a large amount of criticism from the Fortnite community, particularly professional players. 

Clips, Reddit posts and Twitter rants about the buff took over the internet soon after the v6.21 patch went live, and Epic Games eventually announced that they would be releasing a hotfix to revert it entirely.

However, Ninja played devil’s advocate during a Twitch stream after the buff originally went live, saying: “How annoying is it when somebody is just sitting there in a one-by-one? Literally in a one-by-one only.”

Ninja clearly believed that the changes to explosives would stop players from ‘turtling up’ as often and that it would reward more skillful players: “The only time a good player turtles up like that is when he’s been sniped or when you’ve got a bunch of damage on him.

“So it’s like, now that actually just applies that pressure for them to actually, you know, do something.”

While the Ninja’s opinion might not have fallen in line with the general consensus of the community, it seems likely that Epic Games were thinking along the same lines when they put the buff into effect.

Fortnite’s developers may have decided to revert the changes entirely as a result of the community’s feedback, but Ninja’s statements make it clear the end goal of reducing the ‘hide in a one-by-one’ meta is one that should be pursued.


Fortnite Baba Yaga skin release date leaked

Published: 24/Oct/2020 14:34

by Connor Bennett


The release date of Fortnite’s Baba Yaga skin has been leaked ahead of time, and it’s not all that too far away.

With Halloween being just around the corner, Epic Games have activated their annual Fortnitemares celebrations. The yearly event has brought changes to the battle royale island, as well as the ability to play as a shadow while your teammate is still alive in a match. 

Though given its Halloween, and players want to dress in new skins, the devs have brought back some classic looks – including the Skull Trooper – while also releasing some brand new cosmetics like Party Trooper and the Bone Squad.

Yet, one of the spookiest skins, Baba Yaga, is still yet to hit the Item Shop. The skin takes its name and look from the classic eastern European folk tale about a terrifying-looking old woman.

Fortnite character eating an apple in weeping woods
Epic Games
Fortnitemares always brings some new skins to the battle royale.

Fortnite Baba Yaga skin

The skin was leaked prior to the recent Fortnitemares update by a number of data miners, though, the wait has been on ever since, with players hoping to see it in the Item Shop.

Well, that wait isn’t going to last all that much longer, as leaker ShiinaBR posted that, according to their reliable source, it will be available as a part of the Item Shop rotation on Monday, October 26. 

In the leaks, the skin is labeled as being ‘Rare’ so, it should set you back around between 1200 and 1600 V Bucks. 

Obviously, while Shiina has posted tonnes of reliable information in the past, the final say, of course, goes to Epic Games and they could very well change their mind and put a different skin in the Item Shop.

That might seem like a bit of an extreme move, changing dates just because one has been leaked, but there are plenty of skins that have been leaked in the past that are still nowhere to be seen.