Ninja announces winners of his Creative World Cup trickshotting contest

Ninja / Epic Games

Superstar streamer Tyler ‘Ninja‘ Blevins has revealed the winners of his Fortnite Battle Royale trickshotting contest, all of whom will now be attending the Creative World Cup in July. 

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Announced on May 16, Ninja’s Creative Trials required players to try and hit the most impressive trickshots they could muster on a custom built map in Creative mode.

All of the submissions were judged based on various types of criteria, including number of targets hit, distances of targets hit, and overall creativity of the trickshot. 

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On May 28, after all the entry clips were looked at and assessed, Ninja finally revealed the the three winners to be: TalDak, FaZe Clan’s Kaz, and TacoWithAWeirdT.

All three winners will now receive a stamped ticket to New York City, where they will participate in the finals of the Fortnite World Cup Creative event.

Ninja - TwitterNinja first opened his Creative Trials on May 16, and now the three winners have finally been announced.
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The first winner, Taldak, nailed what he decided to call a “six piece IRL backflip Hoverboard Rift trickshot,” which was truly nothing short of spectacular.

Using a combination of the Driftboard, Rift-To-Go, and a Grappler, he nailed an insane sequence of shots and moves that saw him eliminate six targets before touching the ground, including a relatively long snipe.

The next winner, TacoWithAWeirdT, pulled off an equally impressive sequence of moves and shots, albeit without using a vehicle in the process.

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Taco’s trickshot routine was based around his entire inventory, which was comprised of a Hunting Rifle, two Flintlock pistols, a Boom Bow, and a Grappler.

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What put the icing on the cake was the nicely timed emote right at the end of the clip, as the player hit the ground after hitting the final shot. 

Perhaps the least surprising winner of the three was FaZe Clan’s Kaz, who kicked off his routine by launching himself from a Pirate Cannon onto a Driftboard that sat waiting high above. 

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Using extremely high sensitivity, Kaz was able to nail down some very impressive moves around the course, hitting some expert shots with his Boom Bow.

While the entire clip was spellbinding, the best moment may have been when he swapped his Boom Bow for a floating Hunting Rifle while in midair, followed up with a double headshot using the rifle and a Hand Cannon. 

You can watch Ninja’s full video below to see his reactions to the winning submissions, in addition to him judging numerous other clips that were sent to him.

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Fortnite World Cup – Creative

The Creative World Cup will be part of the overall Fortnite World Cup festivities that will be held July 26-28 in New York City.

The overall prize pool for the finals will be $3 million, and to get the finals, players must first qualify via one of the five different Creative Trials.

Each of the five Trials will produce three winners, which means that a grand total of 15 players will advance to the finals in New York.

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