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NICKMERCS hits out at Fortnite PC players for bashing console players

Published: 15/Feb/2019 2:20 Updated: 15/Feb/2019 7:30

by Alan Bernal


The Fortnite community seems to be torn over the topic of console players using controllers, and popular streamer Nick ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff gave his take on the issue with a thunderous opinion.

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A portion of PC players have been clamoring that the aim assist function gives console players too much of an advantage in a match, forcing Epic Games to find a solution for the complaints.

Unsurprisingly, NICKMERCS, being one of the best controller players in competitive Fortnite, voiced his very strong opinion towards those who think that the aim assist feature for controller players is too strong. 


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The aim assist debate in Fortnite is one that doesn’t look to have any end in sight.

NICKMERCS thinks the issue is a bit silly for PC players to complain about, and explained how the topic of discussion only works to divide a pretty sound community.

“I need to call [people who insult console players] stupid,” NICKMERCS said. “If you care about competitive fortnite… you should support the controller community. You should try to make like an entire community and not this huge divide.”

(Timestamp at 11:52 for mobile viewers)

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The response to the issue was tame, but after reveling in the overwhelming success PC players enjoy compared to console players, he had stronger words for the community.


“Do [console players] make some noise every now and then? Yeah we do. Am I proud of it? Yeah I am. But is it really that big of a splash in the pond? Fuck no, so shut up. Keep your little insignificant mouth shut. Don’t say stupid things because you got deagled in a scrim. You sound dumb,” he said.

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NICKMERCS suggested PC players need to “humble” themselves and realize that controllers don’t offer the big advantage that some believe it gives.