NICKMERCS and Ghost Aydan prove what console players are capable of during Fortnite Fall Skirmish

100 Thieves streamer Nick ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff and Ghost Gaming pro player Aydan proved you don’t need a mouse to dominate Fortnite opponents during the Fall Skirmish finals.

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The pair are well known for using controllers while playing Fortnite instead of a keyboards and mouse, like most other professional players.

It is widely accepted that using a controller puts players at a disadvantage against those who use mice, as the controller thumbsticks fail to offer the precision aiming and swift movement that a computer mouse does.

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However, you wouldn’t know that if you were watching Nick and Ayden for the first time. The pair both took part in this weekend’s Fortnite Fall Skirmish finals, and teamed up as they attempted to take home a piece of the $2.6 million prize pool.

In the early stages of Game 5, Nick and Aydan found themselves in a massive build battle against PAX West Summer Skirmish winner Morgausse and Saint, with the storm closing in behind them.

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Morgausse quickly built into the sky, but Aydan was able to go toe to toe with the PC player, eventually building quicker than the mouse user, gaining the upper ground and taking him out.

Meanwhile, NICKMERCS and Saint found themselves lower down on the huge structure, editing their way around each other, until finally Kolcheff was able to corner his fellow American, and take him out too.

NICKMERCS and Ghost Aydan went on to have a massively impressive Game 5, finishing with nine eliminations.

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Unfortunately, those nine kills weren’t enough to see them finish above Top 20 in Game 5, however they did finish in an impressive ninth place in the final standings, taking home $26,250 each.