FaZe Avxry uses Rift-To-Go to pull off crazy Fortnite Victory Royale

One of the most exciting things about Fortnite Battle Royale is the constant evolution and progression of the game, as players like Avery ‘FaZe Avxry’ Lopriore find new and exciting ways to take out enemies and secure wins.

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This was on display in full effect recently, when Lopriore used Fortnite’s Rift-To-Go item to pull off one of the smartest and ingenious victories you’re ever likely to see.

The FaZe Clan content creator was playing alongside Exoph, Gank Logan and xd Comikaze, when they found themselves in the final circle, with only one enemy remaining.

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With the circle getting smaller by the second, Avxry and his team got above their opponent, when they formulated an idea to eliminate their last remaining adversary without having to fire a bullet.

The team quickly built walls, and began placing spike traps as Avxry eyed up his target. With the traps in position, the FaZe Clan member jumped off the platform, and hurtled towards his enemy below, who was falling through the air to the ground below.  

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Avxry had to time his use of the Rift-To-Go perfectly, activating it when he was right beside this enemy, transporting the pair back onto Lopriore’s platform and letting the trap take out his opponent to secure the victory.

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“Oh my God!” screamed Avxry, as he got off his chair in disbelief. “He was in mid-air too, you couldn’t make that up. He was falling and I timed it perfectly!”

While this clip is incredible, spare a thought for Avxry’s poor opponent, who likely couldn’t believe the manner in which they lost this match!