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NickEh30 has an idea for a new Fortnite consumable that would make farming a lot easier

Published: 18/Oct/2018 20:48 Updated: 18/Oct/2018 20:54

by Wyatt Donigan


Fortnite players are always coming up with new ideas of how the game can be improved and this latest concept is one of the most interesting yet.

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While farming for materials is essential to success in Fortnite at all levels, this is especially true in the competitive scene where players use hundreds of materials in every engagement.

YouTuber Nicholas ‘Nick Eh 30’ Amyoony has come up with an idea for an in-game consumable that would shake up the farming meta in a big way if ever implemented into the game.

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Instead of having to farm for materials the old-fashioned way, Nick’s consumable will allow players to consume every farmable object in a given area by simply tossing the item like a grenade.


Given the manner in which this item would change the way materials are obtained, it’s no surprise that one of the earliest pioneers of building in Fortnite, Ali ‘Myth’ Kabbani, was quick to weigh in on the potential that the item could allow players to easily gain too many materials.

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Nick responded to Myth’s concerns quickly, saying that a material cap could put in place to ensure that players don’t end up with too many mats from one use of the item.  

The response seemed to be a solid one, as the TSM captain responded saying “this would be a really good solution.”


While the overall feedback for the item is overwhelming positive given that it’s at 74% “yay” votes after over 15,000 votes at the time of writing, not everyone is keen the idea of a new item.

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100 Thieves Fortnite pro Archie ‘Parallax’ Shrader seemed to think that instead of adding in a new item, farming material as a whole should receive a buff.

Whatever route, if any, Epic Games end up taking when it comes to farming, the developer has been known to look at ideas like this very closely and it wouldn’t a surprise to see some changes in the future.