Neymar skin in Fortnite? Football star teases massive collab for Season 6

Theo Salaun
fortnite season 6 neymar collab teaser trailer skin

With teases from Neymar, Fortnite Brazil and Epic Games’ official Fortnite account, it seems that a collaboration themed around the PSG & Brazil soccer star could be coming to the battle royale in Season 6.

As players eagerly anticipate hints at the content coming in Fortnite Chapter 2: Season 6, Epic Games have dropped another major teaser — and eagle-eyed fans were quick to recognize some clues.

In the new clip, Jonesy is heard speaking about how much he has given up for the Order (as mentioned in the caption as well), which doesn’t say much about collaborative content. But, in the miscellaneous imagery overlaid, players have spotted cues that Neymar could be joining the fold.

These first clues were then corroborated extensively, as Neymar and Fortnite Brazil’s Twitter accounts have also gotten in on the action. With all three accounts all playing along, fans are growing increasingly confident that skin for the Paris Saint-Germain superstar should be on the schedule for Season 6.

Latest Fortnite Season 6 teaser

If you look closely at some of the imagery overlaid upon the latest teaser, you can easily spot what looks like a No. 10 jersey and a football (the non-American kind). 

This connection was immediately explored by fans and can be easily shown with some comparison pictures.

neymar fortnite season 6 teaser collab skin trailer
Fortnite’s cryptic imagery has some not-so-cryptic references to Neymar.

Additionally, Fortnite Brazil’s account changed their profile picture to one of Fortnite’s llamas briefly — but with a twist, as it donned a mohawk akin to the Brazilian footballer’s former hairdo. (Also, note the football pitch involved in their tweet.)

neymar fortnite brazil
A Neymar fan would notice the llama’s interesting new hairdo.

Neymar teases Fortnite Season 6 skin

Neymar has also teased that these teasers involve him, as the superstar simply tweeted out the eyes emoji to his 52-plus million followers on Twitter. 

In response, the game’s account replied with a casual “Shh…”

Following one of the most extensive periods of Fortnite collaborations, Neymar-inspired content would be no surprise in the item shop. Over the past year, the battle royale has worked to implement content from Marvel Comics, Travis Scott’s Astronomical tour, Alien and, most recently, a specific Ant-Man collection.

On Neymar’s end, the footballer is already well-known as a serious gamer. Although his Fortnite skills may not be as renowned as his abilities in CS:GO, the PSG star is casually involved in gaming already. This Fortnite collaboration was already believable, but now seems altogether likely given all the recent teasers.

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