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How to get Ant-Man skin in Fortnite: Release date and price

Published: 6/Mar/2021 17:15 Updated: 7/Mar/2021 17:57

by Daniel Megarry


Epic Games has officially released what may end up being the last major crossover of Chapter 2, Season 5: the Marvel superhero Ant-Man. Here’s how you can get your hands on him and how many V-Bucks he’ll end up setting you back. 

Chapter 2, Season 4 of Epic Games’ wildly successful battle royale was basically a giant Marvel takeover, with the likes of Black Widow, Iron Man, Venom and Storm getting their own skins in the game.

The game’s map also got a superhero-themed renovation, with locations based on many of the franchise’s most beloved characters, including the ominous Doom’s Domain and a Black Panther monument.


Fortnite Ant-Man Teaser Image
Epic Games / Marvel
The official Fortnite Twitter account hinted at Ant-Man’s arrival with a sneaky teaser image.

Players were left a little confused, though, when Ant-Man didn’t get a skin. He had his own landmark called Ant Manor, after all, so it only seemed fitting that he’d appear in the game eventually.

While that didn’t happen in Season 4, now is the time for the fan-favorite Marvel character, as he’s available within the game’s Item Shop.

Fortnite Ant-Man skin revealed

Throughout Season 5, various hunter portals have appeared across The Island to hint at new pop-culture crossovers, as Agent Jonesy brings in hunters from various franchises to help secure The Loop.

After leakers shared various assets associated with the skin, Epic officially updated the last in-game portal and teased the inclusion of the hero via teasers on its Twitter account, before finally adding it to the game.


Epic Games
After teasing it, Epic Games officially added Ant-Man into Fortnite.

The skin itself is pretty simple and seems to be a mix of his design in the comics and in the Marvel Cinematic Universe films, similar to the other Marvel skins released. This is further confirmed when you look at the mask, which features a slightly different design than the one found in those movies.

The skin also comes with an Ant-tonio back bling, a reference to a joke in the Ant-Man films. Players also have a Toothpick Pickaxe, which appears to be a giant toothpick with an olive stuck on to the end of it. All in all, it’s not a lot of items but if you’re an Ant-Man fan, it’ll certainly be worth picking up.


Fortnite Ant-Man skin release date and price

Epic Games
The Ant-Man skin itself costs 1500 V-Bucks while the bundle costs 1800.

Ant-Man is available in the Fortnite Item Shop as of March 6, 2021. The skin/back bling costs 1500 V-Bucks, while the pickaxe costs 800 V-Bucks. Like usual, players can also purchase a bundle containing all the items for 1800 V-Bucks, providing a 500 V-Buck discount.

One thing we don’t know, however, is when the skin will leave the Item Shop. Generally speaking, skins only last a few days, giving players ample chance to secure them, before getting removed.

That being said, considering The Flash was in the Item Shop for a long amount of time, over three whole weeks, it’s unknown just how long Ant-Man will be available for. Regardless, if you want the skin, you’ll probably want to get into the game as soon as possible and buy it.