Names, Rarities and In-Game Videos of the Leaked V5.20 Fortnite Skins and Cosmetics

Ross Deason

The 360 degree views, names and rarities for recently leaked Fortnite Battle Royale skins and cosmetic sets have been revealed.

The first images of the cosmetics were leaked shortly after the release of the V5.20 patch on August 7 but information was limited.

However, the @FNLeak data mining account has now revealed all of the relevant information for the various outfits, including the names and rarities.

First up, and probably the most exciting for fans of the game, is the Legendary “P.A.N.D.A Team Leader” outfit and Legendary “Bamboo” back bling:

Next is the “Spandex Squad” set, which includes the Epic “Aerobic Assassin” female outfit, Epic “Back Plate” back bling, Uncommon “Axercise” pickaxe and Uncommon “Windbreaker” glider.

The male variant Spandex Squad set features the Epic “Mullet Marauder” outfit and Epic “Boombox” back bling.

The “Vanishing Point” set also features a glider and male and female outfit and back bling variants.

The female set includes the Epic “Whiteout” outfit, Epic “Ignition” back bling, and Epic “White Squall” glider, while the male set will have the Epic “Overtaker” outfit and Epic “Lane Splitter” back bling.

The Epic “Galaxy” skin comes next and it has a look that is sure to go down well with fans.

The outfit comes with the description “Victory is written in the stars” and will not be available in the item shop. This fact and the “Galaxy” name has caused some people to suggest that it could be a Samsung Galaxy exclusive.

Another cosmetic set that will be a big hit is the “Durr Burger” set with the Epic “Beef Boss” outfit, Epic “Deep Fried” back bling, Uncommon “Patty Whacker” pickaxe and Epic “Flying Saucer” glider.

Last but not least is the “Sushi” cosmetic set featuring the Rare “Sushi Master” outfit, Rare “Chef’s Choice” Back Bling, Rare “Filet Axe” and Uncommon “Flying Fish” glider: