Nadeshot Outlines 100 Thieves’ Plans to Expand Into Fortnite Battle Royale: “reach out to me”

Ross Deason

The owner of 100 Thieves, and a former OpTic Gaming star, Matther ‘Nadeshot’ Haag has made it clear that his organization is actively looking into picking up Fortnite players and content creators.

Nadeshot, an ex-Call of Duty professional, became the face of OpTic Gaming during the Black Ops 2 season thanks to his extremely popular YouTube and Twitch content and was a figurehead of the competitive scene until his retirement in 2015.

After departing from OpTic, he built his own organization known as 100 Thieves and he currently owns one of the coveted NA LCS slots in League of Legends – a well deserved one considering the fact that the team finished in second place in their very first split.

He doesn’t plan on stopping there, though, and it looks like his next goal is to secure the services of some of the top Fortnite Battle Royale players and streamers.

Following the announcement from Epic Games on May 21st, where they pledged to put a staggering $100,000,000 into competitive Fortnite prize pools for the 2018-19 season, organizations now have even more reason to begin investing in the massively popular game.

Nadeshot has already been playing and streaming a great deal of Fortnite recently but the prize pool announcement prompted him to take to Twitter and state that 100 Thieves are actively looking for both competitive players and streamers to join their growing brand.

It looks like 100 Thieves will be taking applications for various Fortnite related positions as Nadeshot even stated that players and content creators should reach out to him.

We hate to think how full the former Call of Duty star’s inbox will be after making a comment like that but we’re sure that he’ll find at least a few applicants that are worth pursuing.

With Epic Games now looking seriously into the competitive side of their game, the future looks bright for the top Fortnite Battle Royale players and the game itself.