Mongraal offers far-fetched explanation why some Fortnite skins seem “faster”

Andrew Amos
Instagram: Mongraal / Epic Games

FaZe Clan Fortnite Battle Royale pro Kyle ‘Mongraal’ Jackson has offered an explanation to why sometimes the simple things in Fortnite are the best, describing the new Cozy Command set as “faster” than other skins.

Fortnite’s Christmas content has got players in a spin, with plenty of new cosmetics to grab with their gifted V-Bucks from Santa. One such skin line is the simple Cozy Command set, which features four female characters decked out in comfy Christmas-themed pyjamas.

Players have praised the skins for being better than some of the game’s more complicated offerings, including the likes of ‘Dakotaz,’ who ended up posing the question “why are the simple skins in Fortnite always the best ones” to his community.

The “yung scientist” Mongraal didn’t take long to get back to Dakotaz though, with an explanation full of hard logic, facts, and science.

“The equilateral symterial [sic] simplicity of the skin allows [our] brain to process movements and actions quicker due to the skin being simpler and easier for the brain to process, which therefore gives us a placebo of the skin being so called “faster” than others,” he said.

The explanation raised a few eyebrows, although most people agreed that regardless of the answer, that Mongraal has a “big brain.”

Flexing his immense vocabulary like so is only just a small section of the brain, with the rest of his memory going towards smashing his enemies in-game.

Other players offered some different solutions to the same question, without as much investigative depth as Mongraal. “The detailed skins are always expensive and too much detail makes things look ugly,” said OminousFN_.

Some were a bit more cynical, saying that simple skins are easy to play with. “The simple skins are the best because you can see around without a field-of-view slider,” said ‘CATSUP’.

While the Cozy Command set has been a hit with players, one thing that is missing is a male skin, disappointing some players. “I wish there were male ones,” said ‘fancylevi’. “I would love a Jonesy or Spitfire one.”

No matter what you think of Mongraal’s explanation, the consensus is that the Cozy Command set is one of the best in recent Fortnite history. It’s a Christmas exclusive, so be sure to get in with your V-Bucks soon to pick them up before they disappear.

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