Best places to complete Fortnite’s ‘Open a chest within 60 seconds’ challenge

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Fortnite‘s special Winterfest event continues to rumble on, and the special Christmas Eve challenges tasks players with opening a chest within 60 seconds of their feet hitting the ground after they leap out of the Battle Bus.

Replacing the 14 Days of Fortnite event from last holiday season, fans of the popular battle royale title have been taking on the Winterfest Challenges, while also receiving a special gift every day of the festive period as Epic Games celebrates the end of the year.

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Some of the Winterfest challenges are easier than others, and while opening a chest within one minute of landing on the ground may sound simple, there are some handy tricks that will help you complete this task with ease, and help you avoid landing only to find there aren’t enough chests to go around.

Epic GamesFortnite players will be hunting for chests to complete this challenge.

The biggest decision that players face when taking on this challenge is where to land, as that can be the make-or-break choice that sees you complete this challenge, or heading quickly back to the Battle Bus following an elimination.

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Choosing somewhere with lots of Chests is obviously the key to this, as the more of the wooden loot-filled crates that are sitting around, the better chance you have of finding one quickly and efficiently, and the less likely you are to be fighting with enemies who also want to get their hands on the treasure.

With Chapter 2 introducing a new Fortnite map, the location with the most Chests is Sweaty Sands, and the fact that it’s a spread-out location should make it easier for players to avoid running into enemies before they open one. If you have a specific spot you prefer to land at though, here are the number of Chests at a number of different named locations.

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Map showing how many chests are at each Fortnite location.

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Once you decide where you’re going, the next step is making sure that nobody lands beside you, so you can quickly listen out for a Chest, make your way to it and open it up to recieve the Ice Fisher Back Bling.

Epic Games

If you’ve missed any of the Fortnite Winterfest challenges, you can use our handy guide to get caught up, and earn all the sweet Christmas-themed rewards.

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