Mindfreak Announces a New Fortnite PS4 Roster

Australian esports organization Mindfreak has announced a brand new Fortnite PS4 squad.

Best known for its Call of Duty team, Mindfreak is returning to the familiar by signing Jakey, Taylor, PreYerZ and FluxOnTop to represent it in upcoming console competitions.

The team isn’t Mindfreak’s first venture into the battle royale game, as earlier this year it acquired the region’s best Fortnite PC roster.

Albert ‘NakeeeZe’ Nassif, the owner of Mindfreak, said the addition of the new squad was part of the organization’s commitment to console esports, as well as being part of its push to get more Fortnite support in the region.

Reagan ‘RigZ’ Koryozo, Mindfreak’s founder, seconded NakeeeZe’s words, mentioning how the organization wants to support the growth and development of the Oceanic Fortnite scene across all platforms.

These comments come after Mindfreak set up its own set of solo and duo Fortnite competitions for its region to enable players to get some competitive practice, as well as encouraging the development of the local esports scene.

With plenty of interest and growth in Oceanic Fortnite already, could we see larger competitions come to the region?

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