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Luminosity kick Fortnite pro player amid account scamming controversy

Published: 8/Feb/2019 16:07 Updated: 8/Feb/2019 16:52

by Connor Bennett


Kreo found himself in trouble after a YouTube video was published that accused the pro of scamming a Fortnite player out of over $100. According to the 17-minute video posted by The Fortnite Guy, a player known only as Noah, contacted Kreo in an attempt to get the pro to play on his account and win matches on it. 

Kreo apparently agreed to do so and was said to also have offered to sell Noah other Fortnite accounts that had increasingly rare cosmetic items tucked away in their inventories. The video alleged that despite Noah’s best efforts to contact the LG pro about resolving the issue, he ended up not being able to access the account or get his money back that he had paid for the wins boosting. 


Now, Luminosity has reacted to the alleged incident by severing ties with the accused pro player. 

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After the allegations against Kreo had surfaced, Luminosity took to Twitter to confirm they would be ‘investigating thoroughly’ before commenting or making any decisions.

Just 24 hours later, the organization has decided to cut ties with the Fortnite player. On February 8, the organization tweeted an update on the situation, stating: “Effective immediately @LG_Kreo has been released from the organization.  We do not condone his behavior, past or present and it is not consistent with what it means to be a professional gamer under our banner.  We wish Kreo well and thank him for his time on LG.”


Despite sending out a lengthy TwitLonger on February 7, Kreo’s Twitter account has become locked, meaning that potential followers must submit a request to follow him.

While the Fortnite pro has been released by Luminosity, it is currently unclear as to whether Epic Games will also punish Kreo in regards to the incident.