Locations of All The Rifts in Fortnite Battle Royale for Week 5 Challenges, Season 5

A new set of challenges is live in Fortnite for Week 5, including one which tasks you with using three Rift’s on the map.

This should be a fairly straight forward task, but because the Rifts are spread across various locations and don’t always spawn in the same place, a quick guide will help speed up the process.

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Rift Portals are brand new items on the Fortnite map for Season 5, related to the rocket launch and cracks in the sky that made for the transition from season 4 to 5.

They look like floating cracks of glass essentially, but if you approach them, it will launch you high up into the Fortnite sky and send you falling back down again.

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They’re not consistently in the same place, but they have very regular spawn points. So if you visit these zones marked on the map, you should have no trouble finding and entering three rifts.

If you are running the challenge with a teammate or three, bear in mind that once a rift is used once it will disappear after a short time, so you must ensure that you all use the rift quickly after each other.

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The other thing to bear in mind, is that while it would be fast to immediately leave the game after you have entered the rift, it may cause you to lose your challenge progress. So stay in the game until you are eliminated or win the game.

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If you are struggling with any of the other challenges, make sure to check out this week’s ‘cheat sheet‘, or individual guides below: