Leaked skin reveals how Fortnite’s literal bots will look in-game

Calum Patterson

Epic Games confirmed in September that bots would be coming to Fortnite, in an effort to improve the matchmaking experience, and new leaked skins have given us a first look at these AI opponents.

Because the skill levels in Fortnite have changed drastically since it’s launch in late 2017, Epic is looking at improving how players are matched against others to ensure everyone gets a more enjoyable experience.

Though controversial, this skill-based matchmaking system should hopefully prevent Epic from adding in items and vehicles designed to help less-skilled players get easy kills (i.e. the BRUTE mechs).

Epic GamesA total different kind of robot is coming to Fortnite in Season 11.

As part of this new system, Epic revealed that actual bots (computer-controlled enemies) would be added, mainly to be used in matches of lower skill groups to help newer players get off to a better start. 

However, in order to ensure players are able to easily discern what is a real opponent and what is actually a bot, it appears that these bots will wear a specific, unique skin.

According to leaker ShiinaBR, the skin is a style of the ‘A.I.M’ outfit, which was found in a so-far unused game file.

The purpose of this is fairly simple – real players will be able to tell if it’s an actual opponent or not immediately. 

More importantly, keeping it unique to the bots will prevent any players rather cheekily using the skin to pretend they’re a bot themselves.

These bots will be added in Season 11, which is set to go live on October 14, following the leaked ‘The End’ event, rumored to take place on October 13.

There is some apprehension about these bots being added, with some players arguing that it could cause more problems than it will solve, but we’ll have to wait until Season 11 begins to know for sure.

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