Dakotaz shocked as he gets blatant Fortnite hacker instantly banned

Connor Bennett
Epic Games/Dakotaz

Popular Fortnite streamer Brett ‘Dakotaz‘ Hoffman was left stunned after watching a player he had reported for hacking receive an in-game ban mere seconds later.

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While it may be the most popular battle royale title around, Fortnite hasn’t always been completely perfect or free from issues – we’ve seen plenty of glitches and bugs that have turned players away.

And, with that popularity, comes players who want to hack and ruin the experience for others. It’s a hard battle to fight, even if you are consistent with updates and have your own game launchers, but it certainly helps when some of the popular streamers provide evidence during their broadcasts. 

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Epic Games
Fortnite has cemented itself as the top battle royale title around – but it isn’t completely perfect.

During his October 3 stream, the popular Fortnite player had been partaking in some duo matches when he was eliminated by a pretty suspicious player who started hitting other players with insane accuracy.

Instead of heading out to the lobby and resetting himself, the streamer stuck around to watch them in action alongside his duo partner for the game. “I got a bad feeling about this guy, we’re going to watch this guy,” Dakotaz told his stream.

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As the stream continued, the player in question racked up a further 16 kills – including some questionable, jumping eliminations with the minigun around the Loot Lake and Salty Springs areas. 

Instead of letting it slide, Dakotaz brought up the in-game report function and decided to see if Epic Games would do something about it. Within seconds of him dropping a “Hacking 100%” report, the suspicious player was struck by the banhammer – leaving the streamer, his duo partner, and Twitch viewers stunned.

“Woah! What the hell,” the streamer called out. “Yo, I just reported him and he got banned. What the hell? I legit just reported him and I have like powers or something bro – I literally just banned him dude.”

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While it isn’t quite the lengths that fellow streamer Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins has gone to in calling Epic during his stream, it appears as if the developers aren’t against watching the action live and banning people pretty instantly.

It should probably serve as a warning to anyone who has ever thought about cheating – someone is always watching.