Leaked Fortnite UI changes aren’t what the community wanted

Daniel Appleford
Ascendant Midas skin in Fortnite

Fortnite is reportedly releasing a significant update to the UI system in an upcoming release, and some community members are less than enthused by early mock-ups from a trusted leaker.

Renowned Fortnite leaker HYPEX has dropped a new concept on Twitter/X, sharing early images of the UI changes. The layout presented is a stark departure from the current game, with the player name, secondary name, platform, and status all prominently displayed from the lobby screen.

While the current lobby screen does contain the player’s name or a friend’s nickname, this new UI would bring much more information to the main screen. The friend’s tab on the right of the lobby shows the mode, platform, and game mode another person is on.

As seen in the image provided by HYPEX, the potential UI changes would make the lobby much more cluttered with information. However, it would remove the need to constantly check the bar on the side to see what your friends are doing and their current status.

Players have requested changes to the Fortnite UI for several seasons, but, as the comments underneath the post showed, this change wasn’t what the community expected.

“THIS ISN’T THE UI UPDATE WE ASKED FOR,” exclaimed one user under the post.

One user even pointed out that the “UI update” didn’t seem like an update. Instead, it looked more like changes to just the lobby. Something that isn’t what the community has been asking for, instead an update to the Locker UI system.

“I don’t mind this too much, but can they stop avoiding a Locker UI revamp?” asked another user.

These changes have no set release date, as they could still be in early development. Take all of this information with a grain of salt. We will keep you updated if the change does come, either in Chapter 5 or Chapter 6.