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Leaked Fortnite Season 9 skins and cosmetics from the v9.00 update

Published: 9/May/2019 8:11 Updated: 9/May/2019 9:22

by Connor Bennett


With the update for Fortnite Season 9 almost here, data miners have been busy diving through the game files to find whatever they can. As usual, they’ve given an early look at what to expect on the cosmetic side of things.

The hype and excitement that surrounds a new season release doesn’t just culminate with map changes, gameplay additions or a whole host of new challenges – there’s an absolute ton of cosmetics just waiting to be secured from the item shop too.

While a number of skins are revealed as part of the Battle Pass, there are so many more skins which are expected to be added to the item shop over the course of the new season, and leakers have found a shed load in the game files already.

The Battle Pass skins for Fortnite Season 9.

Here are all the leaked skins and cosmetics so far via @FNBRHQ@HYPEX, and @FortTory. We will update this post as more cosmetics become readily available – including their names, V-Bucks cost, selectable styles and any other details that we can get our hands on. 

You’ll also be able to find some items that have been dropped too, like Wraps, Music Kits, some early Battle Pass spray, and even a few new toys that you can throw at your friends in the pre-game lobby. 

Fortnite Season 9 leaked skins

The first set of Battle Pass skins.
The second set of Battle Pass skins.

Fortnite Season 9 leaked pets

Pets will, once again, return as backblings in Season 9. Like everything else in-game too, they’ll receive a futuristic makeover that might just you leave you with some nostalgia from that Tamagotchi pet you forgot about all those years ago. 

Pets are back in Season 9.

Fortnite Season 9 leaked pickaxes

As ever, you’ll be able to hit up the Item Shop and bag a few new pickaxes in Season 9 – all with a different theme, depending on what you want. There are a few stylish, and futuristic looking designs coming, while you can also get your hands on a few caveman-looking harvesting tools. 

Twitter: YantheA couple of the pickaxes from Fortnite Season 9.

Fortnite Season 9 backblings

Yes, pets are backblings but for those players who don’t want to have the howl or hisses of an animal disrupting their game, there is also the chance to deck your new look out with a whole new set of backblings that are, of course, styled to the new theming of the game. 

Twitter: YantehYou’ll be able to have mix-and-match your in-game look with new backblings.

Fortnite Season 9 leaked gliders

As ever with a new season, you can expect a brand new free victory umbrealla to be unlocked once you grab your first Victory Royale. That’s no different in Season 9, as the new glider plays right into the new theme of the game. 

FNBRHQYou’ll be able to dazzle other players with your new victory umbrella.
HypeXThere will, of course, be a ton of new gliders in-game.

Fortnite Season 9 leaked wraps

You will be able to deck all of your weapons out with a new brand new set of wraps. However, we’re not too sure, right now, if these wraps will come solely in the Battle Pass or what will be available in the Item Shop every few days. 

Regardless, there are nine new wraps to collect in Season 9 – each looking different, even if there is a somewhat recurring theme of Fruit.

‘Power Surge’
‘Pink Splatter’
‘Too Tilted’
‘Royale Air Force’

Fortnite Season 9 other cosmetics

It’s not just the skins, gliders and backblings that take pride of place when the new update for a season comes around – Epic does add a whole host of other things too. 

As we saw in Season 8, Music Kits gave us all a chance to hear some new tunes while waiting for a game to pop. That will carry on in Season 9 as we’ve already got a look at some brand new kits – even if we may have to wait a while to hear them in-game. 

There is also set to be some brand new toys to play with too – so if you missed out on things like the snowballs, pigs skins or bouncy ball, don’t worry, there’s some items still waiting for you in Season 9.

Catch the Frisbee in the pre-game lobby!
There will be a ton of fresh new beats in Season 9
You’ll be able to tag up the new Tilted Towers with a bunch of new sprays.

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Fortnite players demand broken “pay to lose” Baby Yoda back bling is fixed

Published: 18/Jan/2021 16:42

by Daniel Megarry


Fortnite players have discovered a bug that’s rendering their Baby Yoda aka The Child back bling cosmetic useless, as it stops them from being able to aim properly.

Season 5 of Epic Games’ hit battle royale introduced a major crossover when The Mandalorian made his way onto The Island. As well as a skin, a glider, and Beskar armor, there’s also a Baby Yoda back bling for players to unlock.

Claiming the Baby Yoda back bling is no easy feat, as players need to reach Level 100 of their Battle Pass to be able to carry the adorable Grogu on their back. This means plenty of grinding and weekly challenges to earn that all-important XP.

Now that Fortnite Season 5 has been out for a while, players are slowly starting to unlock the Baby Yoda back bling, but many of them are facing disappointment upon learning that their hard-earned reward is broken.

Fortnite x Predator Crossover
Epic Games / Disney
Fortnite and The Mandalorian have crossed paths in Season 2 Chapter 5.

Fortnite’s Baby Yoda back bling is broken

In a Fortnite subreddit thread which has gained over 10k upvotes, Reddit user SweggyBoi highlighted the issue at hand: When you have Baby Yoda equipped, you can’t see where you’re aiming at all as it blocks more than half of the screen.

The problem seems to occur when the player enters and exits a car, causing Baby Yoda to become static. This is likely because the back bling hovers behind the player, rather than resting directly against their back as capes and backpacks do

You can see the moment where Baby Yoda blocks the player’s screen in Fortnite below. SweggyBoi and a number of other Reddit users have called on Epic to acknowledge and fix the problem.

You can’t see where you’re aiming at all when using The Child pet sometimes, either make him see-through when aiming or move him more to the left, please get this to the frontpage so Epic Games can see this. from FortNiteBR

Of course, an easy fix for this problem would be to simply not use the Baby Yoda back bling. But when most players have spent real money on the Battle Pass and dedicated hours of gameplay to unlocking the cosmetic, their frustration is understandable.

“How the f**k did this pass playtests?” asked one Reddit user, while another added: “The view truly is awful with bulky skins and back blings. This one is super extreme though. Hope we just get some FOV settings finally so we can use more skins without having half the screen blocked.”

Others highlighted a different problem with Fortnite’s Baby Yoda back bling: “Because it sticks so far out from your back, when you’re hiding it either clips through the wall or shows around the corner.”

While the recent customizable superhero skin controversy resulted in players accusing Epic of supporting “pay to win” cosmetics, the Baby Yoda back bling is being jokingly referred to as “pay to lose” as it’s actually hindering players’ performance.

Hopefully, Epic Games will issue some sort of fix for this problem in the near future.