Leaked Fortnite footage shows Tilted Towers and Wailing Woods destroyed in Season 8 - Dexerto

Leaked Fortnite footage shows Tilted Towers and Wailing Woods destroyed in Season 8

Published: 16/Feb/2019 0:53 Updated: 16/Feb/2019 1:42

by Alan Bernal


The Fortnite landscape has been experiencing strange seismic movements and a new leak offered the best look yet at what might be coming to the battle royale’s island.

It’s no secret that a major storyline is on the way for Season 8, as numerous cracks in the game’s map signal a devastating event to come. But it looks like players now have a glimpse of what the aftermath might hold.

Fortnite leaker ShiinaBR showed a video of what looks to be a charred Wailing Woods and Tilted Towers’ recently completed building destroyed.

According to the leak, Wailing Woods is going to be more depressing than usual as all the life and greenery has faded and basically died out.


Fan speculation points to the Prisoner having something to do with the discoloration of Wailing Woods. Epic Games are already teasing that the fourth stage to the Prisoner’s appearance will set him ablaze, and the ritual might have a residual effect on the point of interest.

An updated map found by leaker Lucas7Yoshi appears to hint that something affecting the surrounding areas will be spreading from Wailing Woods in the near future.

Unfortunately, fans hoping to bask in a completed Tilted Towers will have to hold out for another season, as more destruction will hold the location from being pristine


The leaks show the briefly completed building now in shambles. It’s unknown if the Prisoner will have a direct effect on the building or if it will be due to collateral damage from the quakes.

Although obviously not the final stage of the destruction, the brief images of the updated points of interest tease another calamitous era to come in Fortnite.