Is this the solution to Fortnite’s overpowered Stormwing plane?

. 3 years ago

Fortnite’s X-4 Stormwing has been a hotly debated addition to the game, but one fan may have come up with a solution to the problems plaguing the plane.

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The X-4 Stormwing is a plane that was added to the game at the beginning of Season 7 back in December, with the vehicle able to carry up to five players, and also has a turret on the front that allows the pilot to rain down bullets on opponents.

The plane also features a boost function, that means the Stormwing can be used to crash into enemy-built structures, making it one of the most powerful items in the game.

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Some players have complained that the Stormwing is much too powerful, and believe it is too difficult to destroy the plane, especially if it’s swooping towards you to destroy your base.

However, Reddit user buildsomewalls may have come up with a solution for this issue, by suggesting that Epic Games make the front of the plane where the propellor is attached a critical hit area, giving it the effect of a headshot.

This would act as a deterrent to pilots who fly their plane directly at opponents, as they would be revealing the vehicle’s weakest point to their enemies.

The front of the Stormwing would act like a headshot multiplier.

Epic Games have released several patches for the Stormwing in an attempt to balance, most recently on January 8, when the final V7.10 Content Update saw the damage done to the plane when it collides with structures increased by 50%.

While this idea is just created by a fan, it’s possible Epic Games may take and use it, as they have done with skin ideas and other changes in the past.

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