Insane Fortnite exploit allows players to aim down sights while jumping

An exploit has been discovered in Fortnite Battle Royale that allows players to aim down the sights of their weapon while in the process of jumping.

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This obviously gives players a considerably and unfair advantage because the game’s mechanics are not supposed to allow jumping and ADS to happen at the same time.

The exploit is simple enough to execute – all players have to do is simply press the jump and ADS buttons at the same exact time.

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This then allows players to ADS while in midair, which is obviously huge because it drastically increases the accuracy with which shots can be fired while jumping. 

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A demonstration of this exploit in action can be seen in the video below, courtesy of Reddit user ‘PyroGix.’

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According to the Reddit user who made this video, the Pump Shotgun and Hunting Rifle work with this exploit, while the Heavy Assault Rifle does not. This prompted him to ask his fellow Reddit users to test out other weapons and report their findings.

According to the comments, the Heavy and Silenced Sniper Rifles, as well as the Hand Cannon, all work with this exploit. Seeing as how all three of those weapons are much more accurate when ADS, they can become so much more dangerous when used with this exploit. 

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A lot of the users in the comments section were not happy with the exploit being shown on such a public forum out of fear that Epic Games will be made aware of it and patch it.

However, according to some, the exploit has been in the game since its release, so it may be something that Epic continue to overlook moving forward.

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Regardless, it’s worth keeping an eye on the upcoming v7.40 update to see if something about this exploits is included in the patch notes. 

The v7.40 update is set to go live on February 12 and will include a slew of major changes, new content, and more. 

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