How to turn on Fortnite’s Performance Mode & increase framerate on PC

Tanner Pierce
Epic Games

Fortnite’s Performance Mode gives players the ability to increase the framerate on PC in exchange for some lower-quality textures. Heres how you can turn it on for yourself and take advantage of the smoother gameplay.

Fortnite’s Performance Mode has been around for a little bit now and it’s been swarming the community. Players who enable it will have their textures turned down to more poor quality ones but they’re are awarded with a much higher framerate, as the game doesn’t have to process any high-quality assets.

If you’re new or you’re confused why some videos seem to be running at a better frame-rate, you may be wondering how to turn it on for yourself. Luckily, it’s pretty simple if you know where to look.

Epic Games
Fortnite’s Performance Mode allows players to run the game at a higher framerate.

Fortnite Performance Mode settings

The setting itself can be used on both high-end rigs, as well as lower-spec ones but the result is the same across the board. Regardless of which PC you run it on, the result will be a higher framerate.

To find the Performance Mode option, you’ll need to search for it a tiny bit but it’s not buried in the settings or anything:

  1. Open the Settings menu
  2. On the Video tab, scroll down until you find Rendering Mode in the Advanced Graphics section
  3. Select “Performance Mode (Alpha)”
  4. Apply/save your changes
  5. Restart your game
  6. Enjoy your faster framerate

It’s worth noting that, in this mode, Save the World will be disabled, so if you’re a fan of the mode then that may be another downside for you.

Performance Mode on Xbox and PlayStation?

Unfortunately, as of the time of this writing, there’s no telling if or when the setting will come to consoles. Given that enabling lower resolution textures isn’t really a feature on console games, it’s safe to assume that it won’t ever come.

That being said, the setting on PC is curiously labeled as “Alpha”, meaning the full version has yet to release. Once it does, we could see a similar feature on console but that’s pure speculation.

Until then, the setting remains locked to PC.