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How to sneak past the Fortnite Cube Monsters without being attacked

Published: 30/Oct/2018 16:54

by Ross Deason


The ‘Fortnitemares’ Halloween event in Fortnite Battle Royale is in full flow and players are finally beginning to get used to the various changes that it brought to the game.

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One of those changes involved the addition of ‘Cube Monsters’ – creepy creatures that spawn at the various corrupted areas of the map that try to attack you when you get too close.

While the Cube Monsters were something of a novelty for the first few days, and a necessary evil for some of the exclusive Fortnitemares challenges, some players are getting sick and tired of being attacked by them game after game.


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Luckily, Reddit user ‘BravoRonny’ has shared a simple yet effective way of sneaking past the infuriating monsters at any time, and seemingly from any distance.

All you need to do to avoid the AI opponents is crouch and move slowly past them as they peer directly over your top and never become aggressive, as shown in BravoRonny’s video:

Don’t want to fight the cube guys? Just crouch walk and sneak past. from r/FortNiteBR

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In our tests, this technique seemed to work perfectly every single time. The main benefits to sneaking past the Cube Monsters include saving ammunition and health, but more importantly: cutting down on noise.

It’s pretty difficult to eliminate the creatures without making any noise, so there’s always a good chance that other players will hunt you down and kill you before you get past them. Avoiding them entirely will often be preferable.


The Cube Monsters are likely to stay in Fortnite until the end of the Fortnitemares event, meaning that you’ll probably have to fight them, or sneak past them, until the end of November!

Of course, you could avoid them entirely by playing the ‘Regular Squads’ playlist that was enabled on October 26 and doesn’t have any of the AI enemies.