How to play Fortle: Fortnite Wordle clone explained

Daniel Megarry
A screenshot of Fortnite Wordle clone Fortle

A Fortnite Wordle clone called Fortle has been released, giving fans of Epic Games’ battle royale a chance to test their knowledge. Here’s how you can play.

Wordle, the mobile browser game that requires you to guess a different five-letter word every day, has become the unexpected gaming hit of the year, so it’s no big surprise that there have been several clones looking to imitate that success.

The latest spin-off to hit the internet is Fortle, a themed version of Wordle that’s based on Epic Games’ hit battle royale Fortnite. Featuring words based on building, skins, and map locations, it’s already getting a lot of attention from fans.

How to play Fortnite Wordle clone Fortle

A screenshot of Fortnite Wordle clone Fortle

Fortle was created by the people over at and you can play along by visiting their website.

You’ll have six attempts to guess the current day’s five-letter word, which could be anything from ‘FORTS’ to ‘STONES’ to ‘SPIES’ or beyond – so they’ll always be Fortnite-related, but nothing too specific.

If you see a grey square, that means you guessed a wrong letter. A purple square means you guessed a correct letter in the wrong spot, while a gold square means you guessed a correct letter in the correct spot.

Fortle will save all of your previous scores as long as you keep using the same device and browser.

Tips to guess today’s Fortle

A screenshot teasing Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3

Just like the original Wordle game, there are a few tips to help you figure out today’s Fortle if guessing random Fortnite-related words isn’t getting you anywhere.

A good trick if you’re totally stuck is to enter a couple of random words that have lots of vowels and major consonants like ‘S’ and ‘L’ in them. This will help you figure out some letters that are (and aren’t) in today’s Fortle.

Some popular starting words in the original Wordle are ‘ADIEU’, ‘AUDIO’, and ‘AISLE’ as they have lots of vowels and some key consonants in them. These can be used in Fortle, although they won’t be the word of the day.

When it comes to making your final guesses, they should of course be Fortnite-related. It might help to think about a recent match and what you saw in the game – after all, it could be something as simple as ‘TREES’.