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How to play Cizzorz’s $10,000 Fortnite competition for DeathRun 3.0 – access code, rules, video

Published: 15/Feb/2019 22:00 Updated: 6/Oct/2020 17:22

by Albert Petrosyan


Popular content creator Cizzorz has created a $10,000 public time-trial competition for his new Deathrun 3.0 obstacle course in Fortnite Battle Royale.

The premise of the competition is simple – players will need to try and finish Cizzorz’s new Deathrun 3.0 course as fast as they can and submit their fastest completion time along with video proof.


The top five players in terms of fastest completion time will receive a share of the $10,000 prize pool, with the first place prize set at a whopping $5,000.

The competition was officially announced and kicked off on February 25 and will be open until March 10, which means players have less than two days to try and submit their best completion time.


As one would expect, a lot of Fortnite speed-runners have already been giving the new course a go, and the current world record time is 5:40.73, held by Deathrun extraordinaire ‘Hotball.’

A video of Cizzorz reacting to the current world record can be seen below.

Players can access the Deathrun 3.0 island by visiting the Creative mode in Fortnite and inputting the following island access code: 6245-9996-8091


As for the rules of this competition, there haven’t been any official revealed yet, but if we go by the rules he used for the Deathrun 2.0 competition, they will be something similar to the following:

  1. Items can only be used in their designated stage.
  2. Players can not use respawn invincibility when running through traps.
  3. Players must complete grapple levels using every platform.
  4. Time starts when leaving the FRONT player spawn and stops when you finish equipping a Bush item at the last point.

Cizzorz has become wildly popular in the Fortnite Creative community thanks to his incredibly difficult Deathrun obstacle courses.

Cizzorz’s latest creation is the third installment of what has arguably become the most popular set of obstacle courses built in Fortnite’s Creative mode.


As with the previous two, the Deathrun 3.0 is be incredibly difficult to complete, featuring levels upon levels of traps, narrow ledges, near-impossible jumps, treacherous falls, and pretty much anything else designed to stop players from advancing.

The official in-game description of the course reads: “Be prepared to be tested mentally and physically, to rage, laugh, cry (only a little), and have fun!! Good luck!!”


Fortnite FNCS Season 4 Week 2: results & final placements

Published: 19/Oct/2020 4:27

by Brad Norton


The Fortnite Champion Series is already through to its second week and we’ve got you covered with a complete rundown on all of the latest action.

With the first week of competition being a rather lopsided affair across the board, week two was a chance for most Trios to claim their revenge. From reigning champs to hungry up and comers, this round of the tournament was much tighter than the first.


Following a series of qualifiers, teams had just six matches to prove themselves on the final day. It was intense from start to finish with wins going to a wide assortment of Trios

Another $36,855 was up for grabs, but only one team could walk away with the lion’s share. Here’s an overview of how it all played out in week two.


FNCS Chapter 2 Season 4 NA Eeast recap – Week Two

Bucke, Khanada, & Kreo closed out the NA East win last week, whereas this week, they failed to crack the top 10. It was time for others to launch themselves into the spotlight and that’s just what Zayt, Saf, and Stretch did.

Together, they put up 214 points across the six lobbies. This pushed them into the top spot with a near 50 point lead over the second-best team. While it may not have been quite as lopsided as last week, the top of the pack still led by a considerable amount.

Familiar faces like Reverse2k, Ceice, Bizzlie, and plenty of others all found themselves in the top 10 and in the money this time around. With only one week left before the finals, however, it’s going to be a mad rush to secure a spot in the closing showdown.


FNCS Chapter 2 Season 4 NA East results – Week Two (Top 15)

Place Players Points
1 Zayt, Saf, & Stretch 214
2 Jamper, Bugha, & Avery 168
3 Knight, RogueShark, & Av 164
4 Unkown, casqer, & smqcked 153
5 Clix, illest, & Bizzle 151
6 Deyy, Mero, Reverse2k 145
7 Ajay, Roqz, & vyx 130
8 Commandment, Cented, & Edgey 129
9 Voil, Rocaine, & Teejay 129
10 Chap, Coop, & Whofishy 121
11 Ceice, Furious, & Blake 116
12 Zexrow, Calc, & Mackwood1x 108
13 OliverOG, Pulseonix, & Larson 98
14 Narwhal, Zlem, & Bank 94
15 Kremon, Bucke, & Demonada 93

FNCS Chapter 2 Season 4 NA West recap – Week Two

On the opposite side of things, it was pure dominance from a familiar Trio. The same lineup that closed out week one with a commanding lead kept their form heading into week two. Arkhram, rehx, & EpikWhale soared to the front with 236 points across six games.

More than 30 points ahead of the second-best and 75 points over the third-placed team when all was said and done. They’re clearly the frontrunners for the region and that doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon.

FNCS Chapter 2 Season 4 NA West results – Week Two

Place Players Points
1 Arkhram, rehx, & EpikWhale 236
2 Reet, wavydfavs13, & wavys 204
3 NorCal Mony, jayrosez, & sym 161
4 Kono, Salvo, & Dex 158
5 Beast, Wheels, & Tautai 155
6 Poodle, maken, & kenshi 147
7 BumHuevos, caleb, & verT 142
8 NateXX, 50cal blizy, & spideyy 142
9 SkipperXX, Zinqxz, & egirl slayer7647 135

One week of regular competition remains before we reached the finals for FNCS Chapter 2 Season 4. Keep your eyes peeled for results this time next week.