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How to fix Fortnite Winterfest’s annoying empty stockings bug

Published: 1/Jan/2020 17:33

by Jacob Hale


A new Fortnite bug has seen players unable to open their holiday stockings to unlock new challenges – but it has a really simple fix.

Epic Games have added a new area to the Fortnite home screen, with players able to head to the Winterfest Lodge to acquire new goodies over the holiday season.

In the lodge, players can open a variety of present boxes and stockings each day to earn the likes of skins, gliders and more that aren’t available in the Fortnite Item Shop. However, a new bug is seeing players opening empty stockings.

Epic GamesThe Winterfest Lodge has been dishing out rewards left, right and centre for players who return every day.

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A new stocking or present is available every day at 2PM UTC (7AM EST) in the Winterfest Cabin, which is reached simply by clicking on the snowflake tab at the top bar of the Fortnite Battle Royale page.


Once you’ve searched the holiday stockings each day, you will be able to see what the challenge is that needs to be completed for that day. On Day 15, though, with just one more day left of Winterfest, a number of players are reporting that there’s nothing in the stocking, meaning it is unavailable to search.

However, there’s an easy fix: as tweeted by Fortnite Status, the game’s official Service Status update account, players experiencing the bug should restart the game or play a match, after which the challenge should become available.

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This bug is a much easier one to fix than ones you’ll see almost every day in top games, which could sometimes take weeks to fix. With this one, all you need is to actually play or close the game and the problem is solved.


After this tweet, many players seemed to be happy with how quick the fix was and grateful for the communication from the game’s developers.

The Day 15 challenge for Winterfest is to set off fireworks placed around the map – and we’ve written up this handy guide to help you find every ‘frozen firework’ location in the game. Happy Holidays!