How to fix Fortnite Chapter 3 graphic render bug: MK7, burn-in display

fortnite chapter 3Epic Games

A Fortnite Chapter 3 graphic render bug is causing burn-in displays after running into the MK7 rifle. Here’s everything we know about the problem, including how to fix the issue.

Multiple players are reporting the same graphic bug, inside and out of the Fortnite battle royale, that makes it look like the game is failing.

At first, it was believed these were isolated incidents with faulty graphics cards. But, after more people showed clips of the same issue happening during a game, Fortnite players have been asking Epic Games for a fix.

Until there’s a permanent solution to the problem, some people have found varying degrees of success with a workaround for the glitch.

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How to fix Fortnite graphics bug

Fortnite players experiencing ‘burn-in’ issues can try a couple of methods that have gone a long way to remedy some cases.

Your mileage may vary, but the battle royale’s community have found a couple of ways to get the issue under control.

Method 1:

  • Simply alt-tab out of Fortnite
  • Alt-tab back into the game to clear up the issue

Method 2:

  • After spotting Fortnite graphic glitch, bring up the map
  • Take off the map and it should clear up affected areas

Some cases of the glitch are more severe than others, but hopefully some Fortnite players can clear up the issue with one of the above solutions.

Fortnite graphics bug explained

It’s unclear what exactly causes the Fortnite render bug but people have nailed down some of the biggest triggers they’ve come across.

Using the new MK7 rifle, with or without scoping in, can sometimes cause surrounding areas to improperly load. Meanwhile, the build menu and player names have been shown to create a similar graphic glitch throughout different matches.

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Even though the problem looks very similar to how the game would look like if a graphics card was dying, people are convinced it’s a Fortnite issue that’s recreating the error with different players.