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How to find Fortnite’s hidden ‘E’ for Week 8 Missions

Published: 27/Nov/2019 9:29

by Matt Porter


Fortnite Chapter 2 is now into its eighth week, and players who have been taking on the Alter Ego challenges will soon be able to search for the final hidden letter of the season, with an ‘E’ placed somewhere on the map.

Players in Season 2 have become accustomed to searching for the letters, which replaced the hidden Battle Star that was used throughout Chapter 1 by the popular battle royale title’s developers Epic Games.

Almost all of the letters for the Alter Ego challenge are now on the map, with the final letter in the form of an E set to be added to the game with the Dive! Missions that go live on Thursday, November 28.

As always, only players who own the Season 1 Battle Pass will be able to find these letters, as you must complete any eight of the Dive! Challenges to be rewarded with a special loading screen, which is crucial to finding the letter.

This week’s loading screen sees Fortnite characters embroiled in an epic battle, with explosions going off on a bridge as a number of skins make a quick getaway on a speedboat,  while Rippley and Sludge struggle to keep up with the vehicle.

Credit: Epic GamesThe Fortnite Chapter 2, Week 8 loading screen.

With so much action taking place on the loading screen, it would be easy to miss the letter E, which sits on top of a lamppost between the exploding vehicles on top of the bridge.

This bridge is where you’ll need to head once you complete eight Dive! Missions, and build your way up to the top of the lamppost to interact with the hidden letter.

Credit: Epic GamesThe E can be spotted on top of a lamppost on the bridge.

This letter can be tricky to find, as it isn’t located at any of the named locations on the Chapter 2 map, and doesn’t have any significant features to help you if you don’t know the island. If you’re struggling, we’ve marked the exact spot on the map below.

Epic GamesMap showing the location of Fortnite’s hidden E.

Collecting these letters will help players complete one of the Alter Ego challenges, which run throughout the season, while also offering some free stars to help you rank up your Battle Pass.

Remember though, you must have completed eight of the Dive! Missions before you can interact with the letter, so make sure you have or else you’ll be wasting your time.


Fortnite Season 5 Rift Beacon leak hints at map changes

Published: 30/Nov/2020 10:20

by Connor Bennett


A new Fortnite leak has hinted at the Rift Beacons making a return in the near future, so, they could be coming back in the upcoming Chapter 2, Season 5 update?

Even with a new map, a raft of new mechanics, and different crossovers, Fortnite Chapter 2 hasn’t quite hit the heady heights it set itself back in Chapter 1 when it exploded onto the battle royale scene. 

That, in turn, leads fans to beg for Epic Games to bring back things from the past – be it a particular weapon, map location, and in some cases, an overall theme for the season. On of the most sought-after items, that fans would like to see make a return, are the Rift Beacons.

The beacons, which popped up in Season X, were apart of the ever-evolving map – with locations, new and old, taking their place with each update. Seeing a beacon in-game, at a certain location, spelled danger for it – and they gave fans something to look forward to.

LootLake, Twitter
Epic Games
Rift Beacons spell the end of days for locations when they pop up.

Well, it looks like they could be returning in the near future – at least, perhaps, to play a role in the Galactus Event. 

Fortnite leaker TweaFN tweeted on November 29 that the beacons had been updated – alongside a whole host of other assets. These included the beam of light used in the Robot vs Monster event at the end of Season 9.

These event-related assets being updated does seem to suggest that they will be used in the Galactus, especially as the beacons were also updated prior to the Chapter 2, Season 3 event – where they played a small role. 

Even though all signs point to the beacons, at least for now, playing a role in the event – this doesn’t completely rule out their return in Season 5. 

As of writing, the only hint about the Season 5 theme we’ve got is the Mandalorian and Baby Yoda secret skin, so everything is on the table in terms of changes. We’ll just have to see what Epic decides to do.