How to craft Thermal Detonators in LEGO Fortnite

Shane Black
LEGO Fortnite Star Wars new items

Thermal Detonators have come to LEGO Fortnite as part of the big Star Wars update. Here is how to get this explosive weapon.

LEGO Fortnite has collided with the world of Star Wars, bringing everything from Lightsabers to Stormtroopers to encounter out in the wild.

This includes Thermal Detonators, an explosive device seen all across Star Wards media.

Here is how you can craft these devices so that you can take out your targets in a very loud way.

LEGO Fortnite Thermal Detonator

How to get Thermal Detonators in LEGO Fortnite

Your first step to getting a Thermal Detonator will be to find the Rebel Base, which you will be able to do once the Star Destroyer crashes and Captain Bravara appears to give you Macrobinoculars.

At the base, you will need to craft a Rebel Workbench, which will allow you to access many of the new Star Wars-themed upgrades in

With the Rebel Workbench built, you will now need to unlock the various recipes for Star Wars items by collecting Durasteel. This is done by destroying the debris around the Rebel Base to collect Scrap Durasteel. Take this and put it into a Smelter to make Durasteel.

LEGO Fortnite Thermal Detonator crafting recipe

With the various recipes unlocked, you will see you need the following to craft a Thermal Detonator:

  • 2x Durasteel
    • Durasteel is made by collecting scrap from debris around the base, and putting it in a smelter
  • Blast Core x1
    • can be obtained by killing Blasters in Dry Valley caves

Getting the Thermal Detonator in Sandbox Mode simply requires you to load into a game. It will automatically be available to add to your inventory.