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How to complete Fortnite’s Season 3 Week 2 challenges

Published: 25/Jun/2020 10:07 Updated: 25/Jun/2020 14:44

by Joe Craven


Following the release of Fortnite’s new season on June 17, the brand new Week 2 challenges have gone live on June 25, offering players a host of tasks to rank up their battle passes. 

Fortnite Chapter Two’s third season finally went live on June 17, following multiple delays. This plunged the map underwater and brought with it a whole host of changes, including a new battle pass for players to rank up.

Part of this ranking up process is the release of weekly challenges that players can complete in game, in exchange for XP rewards. The next set – Week 2 of Season 3 – went live on June 25 and, thankfully, they leaked ahead of time.


Fortnite Map Underwater
Epic Games
The new Fortnite season has brought plenty of changes.

For Season 3, Epic are releasing 7 challenges every week, each offering 35,000 XP as a reward for completion. This works out at 245,000 XP on offer every single week.

Thankfully, as has become fairly standard in the Fortnite community, the challenges have been data-mined ahead of time, meaning players were able to prepare for the challenges and complete them as fast as possible when they launched in game.

The tasks are fairly simple, with most involving players simply visiting a location and completing a straightforward task. Each challenge should only take sensible players a game or two to complete.

Fortnite Chapter 2: Season 3, Week 2 Challenges

  • Use different Ziplines at The Authority (x8)
  • Search Chests or Ammo Boxes at Holly Hedges (x7)
  • Find Deadpool floaties at The Yacht (x3)
  • Score a goal on the soccer pitch at Pleasant Park (x1)
  • Eliminations at Lazy Lake (x3)
  • Headshot Henchmen at The Fortilla (x20)
  • Gather or Consume Foraged Items at The Orchard (x5)

The weekly tasks compliment the host of content brought by Season 3’s launch. Many players, for example, will still be pining for the brand new Aquaman skin, which dropped alongside the game’s flooded map.

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Drop in now and complete the challenges!