How to complete every single Fortnite weekly challenge from Season 5

Albert Petrosyan

The end of Season 5 in Fortnite Battle Royale is just around the corner, which means that there is not a lot of time left for players to complete the weekly challenges.

With Season 5 now in its tenth week and Epic Games have announced that Season 6 will start on September 27.

This means that players do not have much time to complete all of the weekly challenges from the current season, of which there are ten sets.

What are Fortnite challenges and why are they important?

Although not mandatory, the challenges are the easiest way for players to build up XP in-game and obtain Battle Stars, which are needed to level up the Battle Pass for new content.

Challenges also help with leveling up players’ account level for each Season, which also is needed for unlocking certain new outfit stages for some of the Battle Pass skins, such as the Drift and Ragnarok. 

Additionally, completing a full week’s set of challenges also unlocks content of its own. Players who manage to complete seven weeks of challenges get access to the ‘Road Trip’ skin.

Once Season 5 concludes, all unfinished challenges will no longer be available, as they will be replaced by new ones for Season 6.

In order to assist players who have not completed all of the challenges, we have put together a collection of cheat sheet maps that show how to complete each challenge from each week.

These maps are courtesy of ‘thesquatingdog‘, who has established himself as a reliable source for Fortnite guides and resources. 

thequatingdogWeek 1 Challenges
thequatingdogWeek 1 Challenges – Rift Locations
thequatingdogWeek 1 Challenges – ATK Locations
thequatingdogWeek 2 Challenges
thequatingdogWeek 3 Challenges
thequatingdogWeek 4 Challenges
thequatingdogWeek 5 Challenges
thequatingdogWeek 6 Challenges
thequatingdogWeek 7 Challenges
thequatingdogWeek 7 Challenges – Road Trip Guide
thequatingdogWeek 8 Challenges
thequatingdogWeek 9 Challenges
thequatingdogWeek 10 Challenges