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Hints at rideable animals coming to Fortnite Battle Royale discovered in game files

Published: 21/Oct/2018 12:20

by Calum Patterson


Data miners are always busy digging through the game files of Fortnite, and this time have come across a file with a very specific description, possibly hinting at rideable animals, or other vehicles of some kind.

Currently, Fortnite has very limited vehicle choice, which is likely a conscious decision on the part of Epic Games, given the size of the map and the speed in which you can move around it already.

However, there are Shopping Carts, All Terrain Karts and the new Quadcrasher vehicle, all of which will help you out in a pinch.

Players seem to really welcome new vehicles too, more so even than new weapons or consumables, likely because vehicles do not impact the general balance or ‘meta’ of the game.

And so, it looks like Epic has a few more vehicle ideas in the works, one of which possible involves riding animals, as a game file named ‘Antelope’ was discovered in a ‘Drivable Vehicles’ folder.

This information comes via FNBRLeaks, a popular leaker of all things Fortnite, but of course is just a leak at this point, far from confirmed officially.

Whether the term ‘Antelope’ literally refers to an antelope, or if this is a development name or the name of a certain powered vehicle, we don’t know.

However, it is the first time that a vehicle of some kind has been named after an animal, certainly strongly hinting at the possibility of rideable animals.

It wouldn’t be too much of a surprise either, considering Epic recently added the ‘Giddy-Up’ skin, which makes the player look as though they are riding a Llama, and ‘pets’ were also added to the game in the form of back bling.


SypherPK reveals his “wish list” for Fortnite Season 5

Published: 27/Oct/2020 0:08

by Tanner Pierce


Star Fortnite content creator SypherPK has revealed in a recent interview the changes that he would like to see implemented in the battle royale’s upcoming Season 5, which is set to launch sometime in December 2020. 

Even though it feels like Season 4 launched yesterday, S5 is already a little more than a month away, if everything goes according to plan. It’s only a matter of time before players start getting leaks and official teasers about what’s going to be included in the next iteration.

Currently, there’s next to no information about what’s coming, whether it be for the season’s theme, new features, etc. In anticipation of all the new content that’s on its way, SypherPK has revealed his short, albeit important, wish-list for the upcoming season.

Epic Games
SypherPK said that he would like to see more game-changing mechanics, like fishing, in Season 5.

In a recent interview, Sypher said that, while he would love “more unique items”, one of the main things he’d like to see in Season 5 is “game-changing” features similar to what we’ve seen before.

“In past Fortnite seasons, we’ve had implementations that really change up the game,” the superstar streamer said. “Like when they first introduced Reboot Vans, when they first introduced Siphon, fishing, vehicles, picking up players.

“These are all very memorable changes that really shook up the game of Fortnite and made it better. We haven’t really seen big, significant changes like that in a while.”

In addition, he also said that he wants to see a “revamped” competitive/ranked system in the game: “Arena, right now, feels like a glorified Pub with Siphon. It doesn’t really feel like a true ranked mode. I would like to see a true ranked mode in Fortnite.”

Epic Games
SypherPK also said that he would like see some changes to the Reboot system in the Ranked/Competitive mode.

One currently-existing system he would like to see tweaked is respawning, which involves players collecting their eliminated teammates’ cards and bringing them back to life via one of the many Reboot Vans located on the map.

“I’d like to see some sort of mechanic where, when you get eliminated and thirsted, you have a second chance of coming back,” he elaborated. “I’d like to see a revamp of the Reboot system; core-changing mechanics to really shake-up Fortnite. It’s been a while since we’ve have some significant changes to really alter the pace of the game.”

While it’s unknown what Epic has planned for Season 5, the developers have more than proved themselves to be capable of thinking outside of the box for Fortnite. Only time will tell, however, if this next installment satisfies SypherPK and the Fortnite player-base.