Here’s why Fortnite players in the Middle East are so angry [UPDATE]

David Purcell

Angry Fortnite players from across the Middle East have come together in large numbers to complain about issues with playing the game in their region. 

Many have posted videos and messages to Twitter about their alleged poor experiences, and #FortniteMiddleEastServers is currently the No.2 top trending subject on the social media platform. 

Their main concern is the lack of a solid server for people there to play on. One powerful message, which is being shared in the form of an image, has since gone viral and can be seen below. 

“We are players from the Middle East. We have been playing the game for a long time and we are big fans,” the message says. 

Epic GamesFortnite earned a record-breaking $296 million in April, 2018.

“However, we are facing a big struggle with PING, which leads to us have bad experiences when playing the game. We need a server in our region as soon as possible.” 

Another big issue, which has been highlighted by gamers based in the Middle East, is the strange Ping rate that they are given. For those who aren’t aware, Ping registers just how fast or slow input is sent to the Fortnite server and comes back to the screen as a response. 

As you can see from the clips shared on Twitter, it’s easy to see why a campaign for a server to be added for their region has begun. However, whether or not that will happen in the future remains to be seen. 

At the time of writing, there have been 2.3 million shares using the hashtag. Will Epic Games give in and announce a new server for the region?


The viral campaign seems to have done its job as Epic Games has now put out an official statement on the matter, though it’s not exactly great news for those looking for a quick fix. 

According to Epic Games, they are working on a solution but don’t expect to have one ready for a “few months.”

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